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“Make It Pop” Cast Talks Season 2, Life Off Camera & More!

“Make It Pop” Cast Talks Season 2, Life Off Camera & More!

Make It Pop

"Make It Pop"

“Make It Pop” Cast Talks Season 2, Life Off Camera & More!


“Make It Pop”cast talks Season 2, life off camera and more with Host Steven McCoy. “Make It Pop” is one of Nickelodeon’s leading anticipated shows. We caught up with the exuberant K-pop musical cast as they gave us some exclusive scoops on Season 2, what goes down behind the scenes, their HALO awards performance, and more!  You’ll find that each cast member has lots of similarities with their on screen characters. The Canadian inspired comedy series (created by Nick Cannon and Thomas W. Lynch) has had major success this year and has changed the lives of each cast member. The cast members explains that the only thing that has changed is that people notices them, other than that as far as their humanity is concern they have not changed.

The world can only imagine what how either fun or difficult it is to be young and successful, traveling all around the world but here they speak on how each of them are able to balance and maintain a sense of sanity.  Nickelodeon’s heartthrob Dale Whibley reveals that alot of naps has kept them in great energy.  Megan Lee says that meditation and prayer is what keeps her sane. Louriza Tronco and Erika Tham likes to read and do lunches together.


Fans can expect growth from the characters in the upcoming second season of “Make It Pop”. Whibley reveals that they’re new male cast members that comes into play that shakes up the new season. Lee reveals that her self obsessed character Sun Hi will be having a 2nd cell phone this season as everyone knows from season 1 the character has always been into her phone blogging whenever she gets a new inspiration but gives away that Sun Hi will develop more as a human this season. Tronco’s character Jodi is even more fierce and fashion forward with in depth drama this season, fans will get a double dose of Jodi and Tham’s character Corki has always been sheltered and uncomfortable being around others but Tham tells us that this season Corki breaks out of her shell and is more comfortable and confident in herself which is a side that fans has been wanting to see from Corki.


The cast is currently in Canada filming the rest of Season’s 2 which airs in January 2016. Click Here for additional updates on the show as well as an exclusive listen to the cast new holiday songs.



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