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Mark Hapka Talks Favorite Roles

Mark Hapka Talks Favorite Roles

Mark Hapka

Mark Hapka Loves Meaningful Roles

Actor Mark Hapka could not be more excited for his role in the tear-jerking film 23 Blast, based on a true story. “It’s set in Corbin, Kentucky about a kid whose life was football, his family and God,” says Hapka. “Suddenly in the height of his football career, he was hit with bacterial meningitis, went into emergency surgery and came out irreversibly blind.” One could only imagine how terrible such circumstances could be, especially for a young athlete in the making. But regardless of such unfortunate circumstances, the plot takes a very heartwarming twist. The football star could either choose to attend a special school or resume living life the way he always has and guess which of the two he chooses? “He chooses the latter and eventually finds his way back to the team to be the first kid to ever play football blind,” explains Hapka. Though this role could be one of the biggest challenges any actor would have to face, Hapka was thrilled to have the opportunity to take on this role. “This is stuff that we wait for to come around because it’s challenging, it’s real and it’s emotional.” If you want to check out 23 Blast, be sure to download it on iTunes or go pick up the DVD!


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