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Mark Wahlberg Interview

Mark Wahlberg Interview

We bumped into Mark Wahlberg at the premier of Daddy’s Home and we talked to him about what it’s like working with Will Ferrell. Wahlberg had nothing but nice things to say about Ferrell telling us “He’s just a sweet heart of a guy to work with. Really fun and you know he kinda sets the tone on the set being the producer.”

Wahlberg went on to say “When you’re working with talented people they always elevate your game.” I can only imagine what a fun environment to work in that must be. “They always encourage you to do things and try things.” Having the freedom to say and do anything can really bring out the best in you. Or in this case the funny in you. Will Ferrell movies are notorious for having scenes where actors go a off script. I’m pretty sure this movie will be full of hilarious improvised scenes as well.


We asked Wahlberg what the most difficult scene to shoot was and he told us that “Probably the most difficult scene was the dancing scene just because I hate dancing like that in front of large groups of people.” Although he may not like dancing word on the street is he is pretty good. Wahlberg then said “Everyday was a challenge to not just bust up laughing.”

I’m sure it’s a lot harder then you would think to go toe to toe with Will Ferrell and keep yourself from laughing. Just when you think you’re in the clear he’ll hit you with something completely ridiculous. If you haven’t already go watch Will Ferrell bloopers and you’ll see what I’m talking about. It almost feels like he’s trying to make the person across from him laugh. It’s like a game to him. If he can make you laugh he wins.

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