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Michael Campion Talks Season 2 Of Fuller House

Michael Campion Talks Season 2 Of Fuller House

Michael Campion the 14-year old star of Fuller House ,talks to Entertainment Scoop about Season 2 which goes live on Dec 9th on Netflix!

Michael Campion

ES: Fuller House is such a huge success.  Netflix renewed it shortly after it went live on the Netflix site during season one.  That means that it must have huge viewing numbers.  How does it feel to be a part of such a huge show?


MC: It’s such a humbling honor to know that Fuller House has such a big following. Everywhere I go, people tell me how much they love the show. I know that the fans will really be excited for season two! In my opinion, season two is even much more developed than the first season.


ES: Your show just won Best Television Comedy at the FOX Teen Choice Awards.  Congratulations.  How did you like attending the awards and receiving such a big honor?


MC: The Teen Choice Awards were absolutely incredible. When I got up on stage with the rest of the class to receive the award, it was like a rush of energy and excitement. I looked out and there were so many famous people in the audience watching us. It was surreal.

ES: Full House, the original series was iconic to TV audiences who were a generation ahead of you and to your generation through re-runs.  Had you watched Full House prior to working on Fuller House and what was it like meeting those familiar iconic actors like Candace Cameron, Jodi Sweetin, John Stamos, Laurie Laughlin, Andrea Barber, Dave Coulier and Bob Saget?  Were you intimidated to meet and work with them?


MC: Yes! I had watched Full House since I was very young. I think the first time I saw it was when I was 3 or 4. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly intimidated per say. I was more excited than anything. It’s just a blast to work with all of them. They’re all so nice. We are like a big family.


ES: How has your life changed since being on Fuller House?  You must get recognized on the street?


MC: I get recognized every so often. When I do, they usually want a photo and I am happy to take photos with fans. You would think it might be more but it’s not that much. Nonetheless, since I got Fuller House it’s been spectacular. I truly do feel like I have a second family.

Michael Campion in Fuller House Trailer – Season 2 Netflix


ES: You recently celebrated your 14th birthday and you are obviously still in school.  How do you balance a professional job with school?  How does that work?


MC: Well, for almost every minute that we have for down time on the set at Warner Brothers, we spend time doing school. It’s not that hard. It’s just a little challenging with the constant going back and forth between the set and school that is challenging.


ES: Were there any funny or embarrassing things that happened on the set of the first season?


MC: Ha, yeah. Tons of funny things happened actually. In the third episode, we had to shoot silly string at each other. On the day of the live audience, I accidentally slipped on one of the loose pieces on the floor. I went down for the count. It was so embarrassing but hysterical at the same time.


ES: When not taping your show at Warner Brothers in Burbank, you live with your family in Orlando.  How did you get the role of Jackson Fuller all the way from Orlando?


MC: I did a taped audition and we sent it in to the producers. That’s actually how I do most of my auditions. Thank God for technology because taped auditions allows me the opportunity to stay living in Orlando.


ES: You started out in theater.  Would you suggest to other young actors just starting out to get experience in theater?  Did you find it beneficial?


MC: Yes. Theater gives you a great opportunity to work on your acting craft. Theater training helps you to tap into your emotions. It is a great experience playing emotional scenes with live physical actions. Although theater acting isn’t all that different from TV, there are plenty of things that theater doesn’t teach you that you need for television. With television, you have to work with camera angles and technical equipment that you don’t have in theater.


ES: In 2015, you starred in the first Robo-Dog movie on DVD.  You just finished the second installment in the franchise, Robo-Dog Unleashed.  When will that DVD be released?


MC: I’m not entirely sure about that release date. Perhaps it will be released sometime in early 2017. They haven’t given me an official date as of yet. I look forward to it coming out and I hope people buy and watch it.


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