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Exclusive: Mike Posner Owning the Summer

Exclusive: Mike Posner Owning the Summer

            Mike Posner kind of bursted onto the scene in 2009 with the hit single, “Cooler Than Me”. Since then, Posner has taken his time to write produce and perform with other huge artists like Britney Spears, Cher Lloyd and Justin Bieber who he is currently on tour with along with Hot Chelle Rae. We caught up with the multi talented artist to find out about his new album, his summer plans and what it’s like to be on one of the hottest tours of the summer.



How’s the tour going?

It’s going amazing, it’s so much fun. The crowd has so much energy every night. I’m really grateful to be apart of it.

Any crazy stories?

We were performing in Indianapolis and I hear the crowd erupt, and something hits me on my shoulder. I look back and Justin Bieber is holding this mannequin and dancing around my set so I had to get him back.

What did you do to retaliate?

I coordinated with all the wardrobe people and during the part of his set where he (talks) with the audience, I came out and sat on top of his piano and I was wearing all his clothes, his pants sunglasses and I was with his mannequin.

I know ‘ Beliebers’ can be pretty intense, has that been intimidating at all?

It’s been amazing, every night before I go on stage, I look at my managers and say this is so awesome, this is our life.

You’ve collaborated with Justin before on “Girlfriend”, any plans for future collaborations?

Uhhh…it’s a little too early to say, there’s a possibility there might be collaboration, on my album…

You started out producing with Big Sean, how does it feel coming up with someone and having both of your careers take off like they have?

It’s incredible. We talk about that all the time, like what are the chances of having not one, but two of your friends (make it). It’s ridiculous, I mean, that’s like my brother. I would do anything for him and honestly I probably wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for him.

Your leg of the (Believe) tour ends at the end of the month; do you have any summer plans?

I might try to spend a few days in Colorado and get lost in the mountains and I know I’m going to spend a few days back home in Detroit with my family.

What can you tell us about your new album, “Pages”?

Pages comes out late next fall. It’s called Pages because I write all of my songs and my poems and my dreams in my notebook. I worked on this album for three years and recorded over 100 hundred songs and I took so much time (but) I finally feel like it’s perfect.

How has the response been to your new single, “The Way It Used to Be”?

It’s been incredible. It’s been overwhelmingly positive and again, it’s just crazy that this is my job. To be able to make music and put it out and that’s it (is incredible).

What have you been listening to this summer?

I’ve been listening to Labrinth, from the UK; I think it’s going to be big here in the US. 

Who is your dream music collaboration?

Definitely one of my favorite artists has always been Andre 3000 so I would love to do something with him someday.


Posner will resume touring with Ke$ha on her Warrior Tour August 14 and be sure to look out for the new single “The Way It Used to Be” on his new album, “Pages”.



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