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Neeko Is On The Rise In The Music Industry

Neeko Is On The Rise In The Music Industry


The young artist gained popularity when he released the video for his single, “Born To Love You.”

The London born singer, Neeko, currently has his own record label to go along with his single which is gaining popularity everyday.

Neeko, 18, moved to Los Angeles with his family four years ago in order to focus on making music. In the process, he created his own record label named E18 Records. E18 is the zip code of his hometown in London.

“I chose the name because it reminds me of home and my family,” says Neeko. “E18 Records is like a family.”

Neeko is currently the only one on his record label, but is currently in talks with other artists. With how fast he is gaining popularity, E18 Records may be the next big thing in the next couple years.

His first single, “Born To Love You” led to his first music video shown above. The video is about a guy (Neeko) who sees a manikin and ends up dressing it up to be the perfect girl who he then meets the real girl at the end of the video. The video is well put together and unique, which gives Neeko more credibility for having his own style.

“I just went in the studio and wanted to make a song that made people smile and move,” says Neeko. “Just overall wanted to make a positive song.”

Neeko did achieve his goal as the song does give the happy vibe to its listeners. However, the young artist explained that his next video is going to be a complete 180 from the “Born To Love You” video. The “Born To Love You” video has accumulated over 200,000 views, which is an outstanding beginning to the 18-year-old’s music career.

“I am very thankful for every person who watched the video and liked it enough to share it and jump on the movement I am trying to create,” says Neeko.

Neeko is currently working on two more singles with videos to go along with them. This artist has a good head on his shoulder and is ready to make an impact in the music industry in more ways than one.

“Whatever you do, there’s always going to be a few people who don’t like what you’re doing,” says Neeko. “If you stick to what you’re doing and have it in your heart, then who cares.”


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