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Exclusive: New Politics “Atomic Bomb of Energy”

Exclusive: New Politics “Atomic Bomb of Energy”

New Politics: “Atomic Bomb of Energy”.

That is a direct quote from lead singer, David Boyd when describing the feeling of performing live on stage. Boyd and band mates Soren Hansen and Louis Vecchio make up the explosive rock trio New Politics. The Copenhagen natives hit the ground running with their self-titled debut album in 2010, giving some very memorable performances at SXSW. Since then they have toured with some rock’s biggest bands including Fall Out Boy, Dirty Heads and 30 Seconds to Mars. Their sophomore album, “Bad Girl in Harlem”, was released last May and debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Heatseekers’ chart. Their single, “Harlem” can currently be heard all over the radio and is in the Top 5 of Alternative radio.  Fresh off their tour with Fall Out Boy, we caught up with Boyd during some down time before the band heads back out to join 30 Seconds to Mars later this summer.



First off, how was touring with Fall Out Boy??

The tour with Fall Out Boy was unbelievable. (Performing) with them was very inspiring and we feel blessed to have been able to tour with them and their fans.


Fall Out Boy has amazing fans…

Yes, very dedicated but also very open minded to music, that’s what I really liked.


You guys played SXSW back in 2010 when your debut album (New Politics) was being released. How did playing such a huge event feel?

It was great, that was when we played with Fall Out Boy the first time.  We played right before them at the same venue and the whole thing was so exciting because our first single had just come out. The whole excitement (was there) because the single was doing well.


Your music is very reminiscent of all the great 90s Alternative rock, is that how you would describe your sound?

Yeah absolutely. We’re definitely inspired by the 90s grunge. Also some of the hip-hop that was going on at the same time. I’m glad you were able to hear that!


Who has been your musical influence?

All three of us are really open minded to music. Soren comes from a very rock (background). He loves Pantera and Metallica. Louis probably listens to the most diverse music of us all. I like a lot of hip-hop music, I love dancing. I don’t know a lot of artists but I know a lot of songs. We love Rage Against the Machine and Weezer.


You just released you new album, “Bad Girl in Harlem”, how has you musical style evolved since the debut in 2010?

I think that we’ve grown as musicians, that’s the most important thing. We’ve kept the creativity going and developed as artists. We’ve let a lot go and gone with the flow and really pushed ourselves to the edge and maybe a little over the edge in order to develop and grow and express ourselves in new ways. When you look at the two albums, you know it’s us. With the first (album) it was a different time and place; we were in Denmark, Copenhagen, with our second album it’s more a reception on our move to America, the culture shock, the girls, travelling the country or missing home. What ever it is, having a romantic adventure in Harlem, I think that’s what’s impressive with music in general; you can express yourself and reflect what you’re going through in that moment.


I notice you (David) have amazing dance moves and people have written about how crazy the energy is in your live performances. Where does all that come from?

I always danced. That was the thing I’ve always enjoyed. That’s basically where I come from; more than music, that was my first inspiration. I used to do it all the time, non-stop. I think I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a hyper person, but what you see on stage is not really who I am, it’s what I do when I’m in the zone.  (On stage), you really get a chance to express yourself, you live it in your bones and cells and the crowd and their energy definitely helps as well.


Your tour with 30 Seconds to Mars starts in September, any plans during your downtime?

Our down time is right now. We were on tour since the end of January and ended about three weeks ago, so we’ve had a month off. We have a few shows during the break as well. Personally, my father, who is American, he’s from California so I have family (in California). So since I moved here three years ago, whenever I have a break I like to spend time with them. The next two weeks will be spent preparing and writing and rehearsing our new songs that we’re putting into the live set.


You guys are performing with the great Jane’s Addiction at the UPROAR festival this month, any thoughts on performing with such an iconic band?

Yeah, I know their songs and I love their songs, during that period in my life I was breakdancing a lot. I practiced like hours a day so I was really (focused on that). For (Jane’s Addiction) to have a career that long and successful is already inspiring to me. To me, they have what you call in America, swag.


New Politics will be performing at the UPROAR festival from Aug. 9th-Sept 15th. They will also be joining 30 Seconds to Mars on their tour starting Sept. 11th in Atlanta, GA



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