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New “Secrets” Video-The Weeknd

New “Secrets” Video-The Weeknd

The Weeknd surprises us again with a new music video. After releasing his third studio album Starboy, Fall 2016. The Weeknd continues to release new music videos uncovering his interstellar soul. The Weeknd’s new music video for his song “Secrets” continues to add a sci-fi character to his ambitious title character for the Starboy album.


March 2017, The Weeknd released his latest music video “I Feel it Coming” featuring Daft Punk. One of the few music videos released from the Starboy album that reflects The Weeknd’s interstellar soul.

Like the “I Feel it Coming” video, the video “Secrets” also shows The Weeknd as an interstellar character. With a sci-fi vibe in his new video “Secrets”, The Weeknd portrays a message of loneliness. It’s no wonder he’s so interstellar, a lonely feeling can create an ambitious character striving to reach for the light.

This time, The Weeknd is not standing on a cosmic rock dancing with a beautiful woman, instead he is watching over his lover as she chooses to run into another mans arms. That only makes since when his lyrics refer to betrayal and dishonesty.

The Weeknd is embracing his moody side with a hypnotizing stare. Rather than turning away from his lovers’ actions, he stares. With a deep stare into his lovers’ actions, he has nowhere to turn too, but to spiral. His full-on stare can only lead him to emotional distress as his lover runs away.

Despite his emotional distress while inside the building, he then ends up on the outside of a compound standing in snow. Not only is he standing outside a compound appearing dissolute, he is also staring up at a floating cross.

With only a few music videos released for his Starboy album, who knows what The Weeknd will release next. One thing is certain, we are sure to continue seeing The Weeknd expose his interstellar soul in his sage.


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