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NYC TOP 25 Independent Film Festival 2016

NYC TOP 25 Independent Film Festival 2016

Independent Film Festival

NYC Independent Film Festival 2016

NYC TOP 25 Independent Film Festival 2016

NYC top 25 Independent Film Festival 2016. New York’s Independent Film Festival is one of the biggest celebrations in the big apple since 2009. The Indie Film Festival implements several showcases for the best independent cinema short films, feature films, music videos, and animated works. This event normally includes special guests on the panels, the guests includes Producers, Directors, and even Actors.

The festival is a week long gathering of independent for professionals. The 7th Annual New York City Independent Film Festival is the place will be from April 27 – May 1, 2016. The event is also great for artists to network. Continue below check out NYCIFF’s top 25 independent films.

 Independent Film Festival

Drama, Short Film, Canada
Director: Joseph Lawrence

Drama, Short Film, Domican Republic
Director: Eduardo Velazquez
Cast: Karina Diaz, Lia Briones, Matias Pellegrini Sanchez, Eduardo Velazqquez

Denis and the Zombies
Drama, Short Film, France
Director: Karine Blanc
Cast: Mathias Melloul, Esteban , Franc Bruneau, Arthur Orcier, Estelle Chabrolin, Anne Serra, Skander Agrebi

Hello Charles
Comedy, Super Short Film, United States
Cast: Avi Rothman, Robert Carbo

Comedy, Short Film, United States
Director: Joey Ally

The Dynamic Double Standard
Comedy, Super Short Film, United States
Director: Luke Patton
Cast: Kandis Erickson, James Hal Hardy

Taichi Mice: Entrance Exam
Animation, United States
Director: Boqing Tang

One Thousand and One Teardrops
Animation, United Kingdom
Director: Fateme Ahmadi
A Broken One
Animation, United States
Director: Yifu Zhou
Documentary Feature, United States
Director: Cristian Piazza

See No Evil
Documentary Feature, The Netherlands
Director: Jos De Putter
Migrant Crossing
Documentary Feature, Germany
Director: Hauke Lorenz

Short Documentary, United States
Director: Eric Latek
Antonio, Dashing Antonio
Short Documentary, France
Director: Ana Maria Gomes
Jihad: A Story of the Others
Short Documentary, United Kingdom
Director: Deeyah Khan
Mile End
Drama, Narrative Feature, United Kingdom
Director: Graham Higgins

Cast: Alex Humes, Mark Arnold, Heidi Agerholm Balle, Valmike Rampersad, Mary Jane Lowe.

Drama, Narrative Feature, Canada
Director: Renée Beaulieu

Cast: Normand D’Amour, Pierre-Yves Cardinal, Louise Portal, Nathalie Cavezzali

Thriller, Narrative Feature, Spain
Director: Jota Aronak
Cast: Urko Olazabal, Nacho Marraco

Art/Experimental, United States
Director:Floria Sigismondi
Art/Experimental, Canada
Director: Sonia Suvagau
Art/Experimental, United States
Director: Camille de Galbert
Producer: Thibaut Estellon
Fucking World
Art/Experimental, Italy
Director: William Mussini
The Leaf
Art/Experimental, Spain
Director: Ales Barrera

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