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Obi Obadike Shares His Top Tips For This Holiday Season

Obi Obadike Shares His Top Tips For This Holiday Season

Health and Wellness expert Obi Obadike will be on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show on Christmas Eve to give fitness and nutrition tips during their Get Well Wednesdaysegment! The Tom Joyner Morning Show has 112 radio affiliates and can be heard by over 7 million listeners!

Obi has graced over 50 fitness covers and has written over 100 fitness articles for different fitness magazines globally. With 1.8 million twitter followers he is considered one of the most influential twitter pages on twitter in regards to fitness, nutrition, health and wellness. Twitrland a top social media analytic site has measured and ranked his twitter page in the Top 0.1% of all social media users on twitter.

He was metrically recognized as one of the Top Ten Most Influential Fitness Experts on The web by Dr Oz’s sharecare.com. Other mainstream celebrities that were also on that list were CNN’s SanJay Gupta and Biggest Loser Trainer’s Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper.

Obi has helped some of the top celebrities in entertainment get in their best shape! Most recently Obi helped Morris Chestnut for the Best Man Holiday movie and he is currently working with Stephen A Smith.

Obi Obadike is the Co-host of a national syndicated Health TV show called Lifestyle Magazine Health TV show and it airs on TBN and about 4 other national syndicated networks. The TV show is aired in 190 different countries globally and airs in every major continent globally. The TV show is viewed by over 4 million people once a week!


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