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Oprah to Kelly Ripa: ‘Nobody Should Ever Be Blindsided’

Oprah to Kelly Ripa: ‘Nobody Should Ever Be Blindsided’

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Oprah Winfrey feels for Kelly Ripa from how the news that Michael Strahan is leaving Live! With Kelly and Michael was told to her. 

Oprah was asked about kelly’s situation while she was out promoting her upcoming OWN Network series, Greenleaf, where she commented on how Ripa apparently was not told about her co-host’s departure from the show.

“Nobody should ever be blindsided,” Oprah said. “I don’t know who’s in charge, but somebody should’ve said, ‘This is gonna happen.’ You shouldn’t have to read it in the paper. Ever.”

Kelly RipaUnfortunately for Kelly this is the second time she has been completely caught off guard by her co-host’s exit. When Regis Philbin left Live! With Regis and Kelly in January 2011, he didn’t break the news to Kelly until 15 minutes before they went live.

According to ET, Ripa took an unplanned day off on Wednesday after feeling “blindsided” because she didn’t learn of  Strahan’s deal to leave the show to work full-time on Good Morning America until after shooting an episode of Live! Tuesday. Ripa was filled in on Wednesday morning by Ana Gasteyer, who regularly appears on the program.

Winfrey also stated, Ripa is fully capable of handling Live! on her own should she want to. “I had a co-hosy for a long time and I wanted to do it by myself,” she shared.

While Oprah empathized with Ripa’s situation, she did express enthusiasm for Strahan’s new job.

“He’s going to be great on Good Morning America. I think Michael’s so great. He’s like a natural talent,” Winfrey said. “He won’t get any sleep, but he will be great.”



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