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Pretty Little Liars Ends After 7 Seasons

Pretty Little Liars Ends After 7 Seasons

Pretty Little Liars comes to an end on Tuesday’s season finale. After seven seasons the teens, now young women discover whom the big “A.D” villain is.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Cast

With such addicting twist in the serious, PLL ends their serious with the five girls hugging at the center. With new chapters in life, the girls are wishing each other farewell as they embark on their new journeys.

In 2007, Pretty Little Liars, network Freeform, aired on television capturing a young audience. An audience looking for an intriguing saga in high school drama and mysterious villains became captivated by the television serious.

#PLL swarmed Twitter topics every week. In the serious the girls are fighting to protect themselves from their mysterious villain, and other dangers.

The teen girls are not your ordinary “catty girls”, said producer Marlene King. She told Teen Vogue “I didn’t want the girls to be catty with each other. I wanted them to have mature, healthy relationships.”

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Cast

Indeed, King succeed in revealing what a healthy friendship looks like. Throughout high school the girls remain friends despite the challenges they faced. As the five girls grow up and head-off to college their friendship also grows. With such a long lasting relationship, the girls grow into early adulthood together.

Pretty Little Liars created a wave in television for women about women. Displaying the definition of a young and healthy relationship between women that can grow over the years.

For PLL lovers, the story may end with no more secrets, but Freeform revealed new promos for a serious called Bold Type. The television show is about a young woman working to make into the magazine industry.


Though the new television serious is not a thrilling high school drama. It does preserve the idea of women-hood. The television serious is set to air Tuesday, July 11th at 9:00pm, on network Freeform.

Pretty Little Liars officially made history in television. The serious ultimately attracted a younger audience with thrill and high school drama. For Pretty Little Liar fans, season 7b is set to release on Netflix Fall 2017.


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