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Rebel Wilson wins her defamation case

Rebel Wilson wins her defamation case

Rebel Wilson, 37, won her defamation case against a magazine publisher. Wilson accused the magazine publisher for publishing articles lying about Wilson’s upbringing in Sydney, Australia.

In an all women jury, the Victoria state Supreme Court delivered a verdict against Bauer Media. The publisher of the Australian magazine, Woman’s Day, Australian Women’s Weekly, NW and Ok, claimed false lies of Wilson’s upbringing

The comedy actress still has to wait to receive her collection money; once Justice John Dixon decides how much money her case will collect.

To Wilson, winning the case was vital to clearing her reputation. Wilson tells reporters “The reason I’m here is not for damages, it’s to clear my name”. Wilson continued on by thanking the jury for what they have done for her. “I was hoping the jury would do the right thing and send a message to these tabloids and they’ve done that for me, it’s over in my mind.”

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson’s Instagram post.

Throughout the trial, Bauer failed to prove the articles published were true and not harmful to Wilson’s career. The jury found the article claims made about Wilson’s age and birth name, were only false claims.

The jury also found a number of other false claims. Without evidence that the articles published in 2015 were true, Wilson won her case.

After winning her case alongside her legal team, Wilson took her thoughts to instagram. In a captioned photo alongside her legal team Wilson states, “Far too often tabloid magazines and the journalists’ who work for them don’t abide by professional ethics. Far too often their conduct can only be described as disgraceful and disgusting!”

Wilson continues on to thank the jury and explain her passion for her career. “I love my job as an actress and as an entertainer and I look forward to rebuilding my career now that the record has been set straight. Thank you so much everybody!”

Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson and team of attorney’s.

Though Wilson and her legal team are yet to collect the damages, she is happy to the record straight about her upbringing lifestyle.  She will continue working on her career, beginning with a new project in New York.


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