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Red Carpet Interview: Joe Morton, “Proof”

Red Carpet Interview: Joe Morton, “Proof”

Red Carpet Interview: Joe Morton, Proof

At the 2nd annual TheWRAP Emmy Celebration, Entertainment Scoop caught up with Joe Morton, who won a 2014 Emmy for his guest starring role on Scandal, and whose newest series, Proof, airs tonight on TNT.

In the new series, Morton plays a surgeon in the care of a dying billionaire, played by Matthew Modine. Jennifer Beals, a brain surgeon and his coworker, has recently lost her son, and Modine’s billionaire contracts her to prove definitively that there is life after death, based on the instances of near death experiences that he has compiled in his search for answers.

If she is capable of doing so scientifically, he will give her his entire fortune when he dies.

Joe Morton’s surgeon character is primarily dealing with treating Modine’s illness, and has no idea of the investigations Jennifer Beals and Modine are participating in.

When asked about a personal connection to near death experiences, Morton divulged that he actually went to a psychic in London that he had heard good things about.

“The experience was overwhelming…I ended up with an enormous visitation from my father, from my grandmother…it was quite an experience. Then I went back a second time and nothing happened.”

So maybe take supernatural communications with a grain of salt.

Joe Morton’s new show Proof premieres tonight at 10PM on TNT.


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