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Riri Has A New Man This Summer

Riri Has A New Man This Summer

Riri is heating up summer more than the heat waves. The 29 year-old singer was spotted in Spain with a new man.


Riri and Jameel

After breaking things off with Drake, 30, in October 2016, Rihanna sure wasn’t afraid to turn to another man.

With no appearance to the BET awards, Riri raised brows, and was found else where.

Rihanna was photographed with Saudi Businessman Hassan Jameel. The two were captured heating up things in the pool Monday afternoon.

Rihanna is not only enjoying summer, but sources say the two have been dating.

Jameel and Riri were spotted on Monday having a glass of champagne at the pool and indulging in each other’s company.


Riri and Jameel

The two were photographed “making out in a pool”, according to TMZ and were “all over each other.”

So who is Hassan Jameel? He’s not your ordinary businessman. Like Rihanna, the young businessman is 29 years-old and successful in his career.

A family business can’t be successful without a family star to keep the family business running smooth. Jameel is the deputy president and vice chairman of the family business Abdul Latif Jameel. Since 1955 the company owned Toyota distribution rights in Saudi Arabia. The company is now one of the largest companies in the world.


The company is worth $1.5 billion, which makes Jameel a lucky businessman, as he is next in line to inherit the family business.

Not only is Jameel young and successful, he owns a soccer league. The young businessman owns the Saudi pro soccer league, Jameel League.

The Jameel family was rate No.12 on the list of richest Arabs in the world on Forbes magazine. That means, Jameel will one day inherit the $1.5 billion dollar company.

If you still don’t know who the young businessman is, then maybe you’ll remember an old romance. Last year Jameel and supermodel Naomi Campbell were spotted watching British Summer Time in London.



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