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Robert Christopher Riley On Love For His Castmates

Robert Christopher Riley On Love For His Castmates

Heartthrob Robert Christopher Riley, who plays Terrence Wall on the hit series Hit The Floor, is a man of many hats expanding his talents in the areas of photography, music, voiceover, directing/producing, and leading a successful mentorship program.


The Brooklyn native is always keeping himself busy in between seasons of the VH1 show and even makes time to hangout with his fellow castmates in which he says their relationships off the screen are genuine and one of a kind.

“For a lot of us, this has been our big break together and at the end of the day we have each other’s back. We’re all like little teammates; James is our coach, and everybody here plays their position, so we have that rapport with each other. We do like each other, we hang out when we’re not working, and all you can do is be thankful for a situation like this and hope it continues” says Riley.

When Entertainment Scoop caught up with him at the shows’ season 3 screening, he noted that he and his character stand for a lot of the same things except the fact that he would never date a girl like his onscreen girlfriend Jelena Howard, played by Logan Browning. “You will never stand a chance with me” Riley says pertaining to any girl who would try to date him who has Jelena gualites.

In our exclusive interview, Riley shares his love for his mother and grandmother and even gives us some of his fitness tips. Check out our full interview and be sure to check out the Hit The Floor premiere airing January 18th on VH1.


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