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Rocsi Diaz On Doing ‘Dating Naked,’ ‘My Mom Would Kill Me’

Rocsi Diaz On Doing ‘Dating Naked,’ ‘My Mom Would Kill Me’


Rocsi Diaz is one busy woman – at least she will be now that she’s the host of VH1’s Dating Naked. The show is exactly what the title says, contestants date each other naked. It’s like The Bachelor, but more intense and steamy. Most people like to put their best foot forward on a first date, but as Rocsi points out, “It’s not about the naked part so much, it’s more about people letting go of their exhibitions.” In other words, you’re forced to actually be yourself.

Rocsi Diaz says her mom would kill her if she was a contestant on Dating Naked.

The TV host explained, “If you think about it the first time you go on a date, you’re all makeup upped, covered up, [but] these people have nothing to hide. That’s out the window. You’re actually forced to be yourself.” But when asked if she would ever participate in a show like Dating Naked, she said, “I wouldn’t because my mom would kill me.” Rocsi Diaz added, “The show was a lot of fun. It’s a different season this season. There’s a lot of different characters.”

Rocsi Diaz


When Rocsi Diaz isn’t playing the role of matchmaker as the host of Dating Naked’s third season, she’s sizzling on the red carpet – whether as a TV host or celebrity guest. The Emmy Award winning on-camera personality looked flawless at the House of CB Los Angeles grand opening. Rocsi lit up the room wearing a nude, body-hugging dress. She looked like a golden goddess, and shared her best kept beauty secret. She drinks a “gallon of water a day,” or at least she tries, Rocsi admitted. You can catch Rocsi soaking up the sun in Bora Bora on VH1’s third season of Dating Naked. The show premieres on June 29.



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