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Ron Howard Talks New Film “In The Heart Of The Sea”

Ron Howard Talks New Film “In The Heart Of The Sea”

Box office darling Chris Hemsworth knows how to pick film roles that draw audiences into movie theaters, but when it comes to making a cinematic masterpiece, he turns to one man his friend and collaborator legendary director, Ron Howard. Howard was a child star turned big time Hollywood academy award winning director. He has directed such iconic films as A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13 and Cocoon.

In 2012, Howard tapped Hemsworth to play formula 1 driver James Hunt in his 2012 critically acclaimed hit, Rush. The film is based on the real life rivalry between formula 1 driver James Hunt and Niki Lauda. The film went on to be nominated for numerous awards.



So it’s no surprise that when Chris Hemsworth was called upon to play the lead in his latest film, In the Heart of the Sea, he returned the favor to Howard. Hemsworth, who plays Owen Chase In the Heart of the Sea, persuaded Howard to direct this true life tale that inspired the legendary literary masterpiece known as Moby Dick.

The film is told from the prospective of a young Thomas Nickerson. Nickerson was just a boy when he joined the whaling ship Essex, but he recalls how that boat changed his life forever and left him with a lifetime of nightmares. The Essex mission was to capture as much oil from hunting whales as possible. However, sheer desperation and conflict between the ship’s captain George Pollard and first mate Owen Chase led them to chase a silly dream of finding a bountiful offshore grounds full of whales. The men encounter a revengeful white whale that ends up destroying their ship. Stranded on the sea with very little food and water the men reluctantly turn to cannibalism before being rescued and returning home.

Chris Hemsworth and Ron Howard may joke about working together again, but its clear the magic is still there. Check out our video above to see what Ron Howard has to say about working with Chris Hemsworth.

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