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Singer Miesa Turns Heartbreak In To Hit Singles

Singer Miesa Turns Heartbreak In To Hit Singles


Soulful Singer Miesa Shares Her Musical Journey After An Intimate Performance At The House Of Blues


Following her show stopping performance at the House of Blues, songbired Miesa delved in to her musical and style inspiration.  In the intimate venue located on Sunset Boulevard, Miesa was able to connect with her audience on a personal level. She talks about wanting to reach out to listeners, so they can feel what she is feeling while she performs.

Miesa’s stage presence and style captivates audiences when paired with her soulful voice. Years of singing in church and competing in pageants helped Miesa to cultivate her confidence in front of an audience. She tells Vivian Adaobi about her toughest critics being her supportive church members.

Miesa and her many siblings, grew up in the church as a very musical family. She talks about her family being full of singers and talented musicians. Miesa herself plays a myriad of instruments. Her family is also ethnically diverse, with a Haitian mother and Filipino father. Miesa mentions that music is what brought her parents together in the first place.

Love and music intertwine for Miesa’s family and is expressed in her music. Her popular singles “Antidote” and “Blame My Ex” illustrate a theme of love and often heartbreak. The highs and lows of love serve as a constant muse for Miesa’s music.

In the past, Miesa has worked with Kaleena of Dirty Money, Cassidy, Young Joc and Joe Thomas. Describing herself as musically dynamic, music is her form of confession. Her upcoming debut album is being crafted by producers the Chemistri and songwriters Jackson Croft.

To keep up with Miesa’s musical journey visit: http://www.miesamusic.com/


–Vivian Adaobi (@VivaciouslyViv)



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