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Summer Moore Talks About New Movie

Summer Moore Talks About New Movie

Summer Moore

Summer Moore brings her childhood’s eerie place to life in “The Warning.”

For her first horror movie, Summer Moore really brought it home. Literally. Moore grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she heard of an area satanic worship was rumored to have taken place. Before this film, the actress, writer and producer never thought she was going to write a horror film.

The lead role is played by Moore who is a reporter investigating the local legend in the “Devil Worshipping Capital of the Western World.” In the movie, the main characters are said to have vanished and never seen again. The story is told through the reporters point of view.

Moore explained this movie as her most proud accomplishment. She had a micro budget, and had to produce the movie by herself. Something she never thought she could do.

“I now know why people don’t always produce films by themselves,” says Moore who received her motivation from thinking that “If I don’t do it by myself, the film is not getting done.”

Well the film did get done, and Moore did write, produce and act in the film. “The Warning” is set to be released on DVD March 14. The film can be purchased on Amazon and Film Canal. Also, the movie is in the process of being released via iTunes, Google Play, and Xbox.

Moore had just finished a short filmed called “Karma of Happiness,” which is based on the book “Diamond Cutter,” by Lama Christie McNally and Geshe Michael Roach. The film is about the three things most people want: relationships, health and money. However, the twist is that the main character essentially focuses on giving to others which changes her life for the better.

The basis of the short film translated to how Moore approached her career. She had put her focus on helping other people succeed. Whether it was getting an entry level job, or an acting job, Moore used her network to help others. She believes that good karma is why she was able to pull off finishing “The Warning.”

“All the helping I did for others made the completion of this movie possible,” says Moore.

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