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Sunny Malouf Exclusive Interview With Entertainment Scoop!

Sunny Malouf Exclusive Interview With Entertainment Scoop!

Entertainment Scoop Gets To Know Sunny Malouf!

Sunny Malouf, a fitting name for the bright and shining eleven-years-old performer who just came out with her new single “Lightning in a Bottle”

We got to sit down and got to know a little more about Sunny.

“I started dancing when I was about two-years-old, I was put in a ballet class.” Sunny told Entertainment Scoop. From then on, the star when on to performing at malls, hospitals, cheer events, conventions, and many other places.

Although she grew up learning ballet, Sunny told us “My favorite type of dance is hip-hop.” Of course, hip-hop dancing is the mos popular type of dance right now. I myself love watching hip-hop dance. I really wish I could dance!

However, guys, she’s not just a dancer, this one’s multi-talented! She’s also an actress and a singer. Sunny was featured in a Chuck-E-Cheese commercial and loved it. She said, “It was fun to do the Chuck-E-Cheese commercial, I got free pizza!” Who doesn’t love free pizza, am I right? Sunny also performed at the BuildaBEAST dance expo with her song Lighting in a Bottle. “BuildaBEAST was a lot of fun because I get to see other performers and I also got to actually perform my song and call it mine.”

Being such a young star, I wanted to know who Sunny looks up to. Who really inspires her as a performer to be a performer herself.

“I love Taylor Swift because she’s very inspiring to young people. I love that she writes her own music and tells you about her story and what it means to her. She’s a very good role model.” Sunny admitted. I also love Taylor Swift, and completely agree that she can be very inspiring to young people with her music.

Sunny told us that her goal is to leave a positive mark on the world and be a positive influence, and she has a plan on how to do that. “By writing songs that are positive to tell the message that if I can do it then you can do it. I want to leave a positive mark on the world. I want to let everybody know to not let anyone else tell you that you can’t do something because you can do it. Keep dreaming and you will get there.”

How sweet! That’s right people, keep dreaming and you WILL get there. Can anyone else relate to this? At eleven I was still stealing cookies. I think she has so much wisdom for a young girl!

Are you a fan of dancing? What’s your favorite type of dance to jam to? Let us know in the comments below!





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