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Taylor Swift Continues Sexual Assault Case

Taylor Swift Continues Sexual Assault Case

Taylor Swift & David MuellerJune 2013, a moment backstage a photo session for pop star Taylor Swift and radio host David Mueller, is being relived. Taylor Swift and lawyers are accusing radio host David Mueller of lifting up Swift’s skirt and groping the pop star’s buttock during a backstage photo session.

David Mueller, radio host and song writer, is seeking $3 million in damages for the false accusations. Mueller says he was falsely accused, and police should have been called rather than his bosses. Soon after the 2013 encounter, Mueller’s bosses quickly fired him.

Swift countersued and set up a civil trial, where she claimed sexual assault. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Taylor Swift is now set to testify in court next week.

The case is expected to last two weeks. Taylor Swift is seeking a verdict awarding the pop star $1. According to the pop star’s lawsuit, the verdict will hold Mueller responsible and will publicly serve “as an example to other women who may resist publicly reliving similar outrageous and humiliating acts”, as stated in the lawsuit.


Mueller was assigned to attend Swift’s concert in Denver on behalf of the station. The DJ was backstage with his girlfriend when they met with Swift to pose for a photo backstage. Lady that evening, Swift’s bodyguard confronted Mueller with claims that he had lifted Taylor Swift’s skirt and groped her during the photo.Taylor Swift

David Mueller denied all allegations and asked for the police to be called. Instead, his bosses were called while he and his girlfriend were escorted out of the Denver arena.

Taylor Swift lawyer, Douglas Baldridge, argued in court that Swift did not call the police because she wanted to keep the situation “discrete and quiet and confidential”. Her lawyer added, the star was upset with Muellers claim “for some reason she might have some incentive to actually fabricate this story.”

David Mueller is also set to testify in court as his attorney, Gabriel McFarland, argues that Mueller was misidentified for another DJ.


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