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Taylor Swift Sues DJ For Alleged Groping

Taylor Swift Sues DJ For Alleged Groping


Taylor Swift Sues Denver Radio DJ For Alleged Groping

Talk about having ‘Bad Blood.’

After losing his job as a radio DJ at KYGO radio in Denver, CO., David Mueller decided to sue international superstar Taylor Swift back in September, because of what he claims were false accusations of inappropriately touching her backstage at the Pepsi Center in June of 2013. In turn, the 25-year-old singer decided to countersue the DJ on Wednesday, claiming that he grabbed her buttocks.

Since news broke of Swift’s rebuttal, Mueller claims that one of his superiors was the one who committed the act, but the 1989 singer/songwriter insists that Mueller is the culprit.

“Mueller intentionally reached under (Swift’s) skirt, and groped with his hand an intimate part of her body in an inappropriate manner, against her will and without her permission,” the counterclaim reads. “Mueller did not merely brush his hand against Ms. Swift while posing for the photograph: he lifted her skirt and groped her.”


Swift’s attorneys went onto say that, “Ms. Swift knows exactly who committed the assault, it was Mueller.”

Mueller’s attorney has yet to comment publicly on the news of Swift’s counterclaim.

Shortly after Mueller sued the singer, Swift’s publicist says that the former DJ’s employer was given evidence of Swift’s claims and ultimately drew his own conclusion to fire Mueller, based on what was presented to him.

“She has held thousands of meet-and-greet events for both fans and radio station personnel,” the counterclaim also states. “In those thousands of events, she has been inappropriately groped one time — by Mr. Mueller.”

Swift is asking for a jury trial and says that if she wins the lawsuit that she plans to donate the money she receives to charitable organizations that will protect women from similar acts of sexual assault and battery.

Do you Swifties think that Taylor has a strong case? Or should she ‘Shake It Off?’ Let us know your thoughts!


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  • Full-Metal

    What exactly was groped? I mean shes a cute gal in the face but bodywise?? meh..

  • Another Fad

    I don’t know…dance around with the provocative bootie pumping stuff….suing seems a bit severe especially since that the photo doesn’t show anything highly unusual or torrid. Doesn’t she feel his being fired was enough punishment? Guess that’s why the photo was leaked.