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The TV Addict: Save The Rom-Coms!

The TV Addict: Save The Rom-Coms!

Keep Calm and Watch TV

I’m one of those people that has absolutely no shame in admitting that the rom-com genre is my favorite genre for film and television. I’ve followed shows like New Girl, Baby Daddy, The Mindy Project, and Hart of Dixie for years, and have watched some of my favorites like Mixology, Greek and Friends With Better Lives fizzle out one by one. Now with new rom-coms like A to Z and Manhattan Love Story on the air right now, they’re always on the hit list for getting cancelled (as well as veteran shows New Girl and The Mindy Project). As a hardcore fan of this genre, I will always find a way to argue about why these shows should stay on the air.  Save the rom-coms!


Why The Mindy Project Should Stay:

I’ve been a fan of Mindy Kaling‘s comedy series since it first premiered because her character is hilariously realistic when it comes to trying to find love. Sure, she has high expectations and sometimes her antics are a little questionable, but she knows what she wants and will always be determined to get it and is totally how women are nowadays. However, while she is quite stubborn in not completely changing herself for her man, she still understands that in order for a relationship to flourish she does have to make some compromises. All of her potential prospects worked well for her but as someone who has followed the show since the beginning I definitely have a soft spot for Danny (Chris Messina). The dating a co-worker situation is always going to be awkward, but I think they can absolutely work out any issue because of the great support system around them. The Danny/Mindy relationship is probably one of my favorites because while they’re a typical opposites attract situation they also deal with very real relationship issues like whether or not they should pursue each other when they know that the other deserves so much better, how they should break the news to others, meeting family members and, of course, compromising on things for the sake of their loved one. Since it’s taken less than three seasons for the happy couple to realize that they’re simply meant to be and this new season has shown the both of them grow in ways that gives a realistic quality to the show and very rarely do we see comedy shows, let alone romantic comedy shows, do that. I really hope that this show has a few seasons left in it and I really REALLY hope that it doesn’t pull a New Girl and breaks up Danny and Mindy (all hell will break loose on my end).


Why A to Z Should Stay:

I think that A to Z is being underestimated and is not receiving the praise that it so highly deserves. The story of Andrew (Ben Feldman) and Zelda (Cristin Milioti)’s 8 month, 3 week, 5 day and 1 hour relationship is enticing because it sets up the viewer to either guess that they’ll break up or to guess if they’ll get married and makes you want to stay tuned to see if your theory was right. It focuses on the very relevant and hectic world of online dating and uses ‘The Hopeless Romantic’ (Andrew) and ‘The Realist’ (Zelda) to showcase the milestones in relationships that have to be discussed regardless of whether you met online. As a couple, they not only go through the ‘when is it okay to stop seeing other people’ phase, but they also attempt to get their friends to get along and try to figure out how to respond to things that have occurred in the past. For a rom-com show, it’s a tad less cheesy than normal and truly does focus on the guessing game aspect because every episode gives both theories a chance to come true. 26 letters is not that many and they’ve already gotten through 3 so A to Z needs to stay on long enough to finish out the alphabet and prove that my theory, that they’re going to get married, is right.


Why Undatable Should Stay:

Very rarely do we see romantic comedies in the perspective of a guy and Undatable is one of the funniest shows that I’ve seen in awhile. Is it over-the-top? Yes. Do the characters embody every type of guy in the world? Absolutely not. But the hilarious antics of ladies man Danny (Chris D’Elia) trying to help his new roommate Justin (Brent Morin) have some form of a game when it comes to women gives viewers (especially female viewers) a look into how guys survive in the dating world. When it was renewed for a second season I was so happy and I just can’t wait to see how Danny and the gang (which also includes Bianca Kajlich, Ron Funches, David Fynn and Rick Glassman) help “Baby Bird” get back in the dating game after his breakup with Nicki (Briga Heelan). Girls eat ice cream and cry over their exes. It’s time to see what the bros do.

Rom-Com anything gets a bad rep but I feel like rom-com television shows get the worst of the backlash and it’s quite sad. Are we really so cynical that we can’t even enjoy a fictional romance play out in a series? Yes, a majority of the time the exact situations played out on the show wouldn’t happen in real life, but there may be times when similar situations may have occurred in someone’s life. Heck, I’ve found myself in some of those situations before. Romantic comedies are made to be over-the-top and somewhat unrealistic, but there are still the hopeless romantics in the world that feed off of its entertainment value and those fans are just as loyal as any crime drama or reality show audience. Will I be sad if any of my shows get cancelled? Of course I am. I might as well enjoy them while they’re around and relish in my unrealistically high expectations for the man of my dreams.


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