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The Big Scoop With Russian Hottie Alina Artts

The Big Scoop With Russian Hottie Alina Artts

Russian pop sensation Alina Artts has top the charts, graced the cover of Russia’s biggest magazines, performed for millions at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi and now she’s coming to take over America! The pop-dance vixen has just released a brand new single, “High Enough,” to kick off her domination of the American pop-dance scene. The new high energy dance single encompasses an electro-dance spin on the Marvin Gaye classic ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’, and famed DJs Erick MorilloMike RizzoTracy YoungStonebridge and Papercha$er have all remixed the catchy new club anthem.

Q&A’S With Alina Artts

Q: How was it been being a host and a singer?

Alina Artts: I’ve been professional singer and dancer since I was a little girl at heart and now it’s my main profession. As for being host it’s just one of my projects that I currently working.  There’s a show here in Russia “Hot Ticket” where I get to host and talk to celebrities but singing is my main passion to do.

Q: Your wardrobe is always embellished and flawless, who’s designing your outfits?

Alina Artts: Well whenever I am in Russia who making my outfits is my mother, she is unique designer. She always makes my outfits extra special for me, so I can look my best when I’m performing.

Q: Since you were in the front of SHAPE magazine, how was that?

Alina Artts: when I was growing my father who a professional athlete has always taught me to be fit, since I’m the only child fitness was always taught in my household. I am a true believer that fitness it’s important thing in life.  

Q: Being a host for a MMA fighting reality show called “MM-1”, do you personally enjoy follow MMA?

Alina Artts: MM-1 is a one of my projects that I am still working on. The show is a reality show that is on their four season, it’s very unique show. In the beginning I was very nervous because I was not familiar with the sports and I didn’t know anything about the fighters, now I am happy to say that they taught me a lot about preferences and determination on life.

Q: What are you planning to do in the flight back to Moscow?

Alina Artts:  Did you know that from Los Angeles to Moscow is twelve hours…it’s a long flight. This is the time where I check up on my emails, and maybe watch some movies hopefully I can catch some sleep. It’s important to have eight hours of sleep so that your body can rest. I am a woman and a woman is necessary to have eight of hours of sleep, it’s very important.

Q:  What do you like to do other than being singer?

Alina Artts: I have no time to do anything else; all I want to do is be a singer. When I do have the time I like to take an hour nap, an hour of a nap is good for you.  It’s important to for everyone to take nap, I truly believe in that.

Q:  Any new projects we should know about?


Alina Artts: Working on mural about my life, the painting will be covered jewelry, Swarovski crystals, really can’t wait to show this to my fans and my friends. No one has ever does something like this before, so I am pretty excited to showcase when it’s ready. 


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