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The TV Addict On The Voice Top 12

The TV Addict On The Voice Top 12

So many feels were running high as fan’s of The Voice eagerly awaited as the Top 12 became the Top 10. Last week I was happy that the instant Twitter save was taken away this season but it looks like I spoke too soon when it was revealed that the bottom three finalists would be fighting for the public’s vote to stay in the competition. It was also revealed that all of the eliminated Top 12 contestants have a chance to come back (a-la America’s Next Top Model) as a wildcard in the finale, in which there will be a Top 4 finale instead of a Top 3 (I was very VERY excited about this because recently eliminated Taylor Phelan can come back).


The show started off with Team Gwen Stefani (or in this case just Gwen with her team as backup singers) performing “The Tide Is High.” Jump forward to Team Blake Shelton’s performance of “Sad Songs”: the contestants were in near perfect harmony and each member got the appropriate amount of time to showcase their talent without Blake taking over the performance. However, Team Gwen’s Taylor John Williams’ awkwardly adorable dance moves were the highlight of that performance while Team Blake’s Craig Wayne Boyd outshined the girls.


Okay, time for the good stuff! The first contestant saved by the public was Team Adam Levine’s Matt McAndrew after his dramatically emotional and mesmerizing performance of Hozier’s haunting single “Take Me to Church” followed by Team Gwen’s Anita Antionette. Team Pharrell WilliamsDaNica Shirey earned her place with her rendition of Radiohead’s classic “Creep” while Team Blake’s lone male Craig Wayne Boyd comes in 4th. A performance from UK import Ella Henderson made us antsy about the remaining contestants to be saved, which included Team Adam’s soulful Damian and the youngest in the competition and Team Blake-r Reagan James. The final saved artists before the instant save round were Team Gwen’s indie rocker Taylor John Williams, Team Adam’s Nick Jonas replica Chris Jamison (which lead to a clean sweep for Adam Levine) and Team Pharrell’s Luke Wade despite a live flub which caused him to pull himself together quickly.


The fates of Team Blake’s Jessie Pitts, Team Pharrell’s Sugar Joans and Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill (all ironically saved by their coaches the week prior) were left to hands of the fans participating in the instant save. To be honest, I thought Sugar would’ve been saved with her powerful version of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” but it was Ryan Sill would won the hearts of women everywhere with his utterly romantic performance of Extreme’s “More Than Words” and was saved (which gave Stefani a clean sweep for her team). How much more amazing can these artist’s get? That’s a question for next week!


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