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The TV Addict on Week 3’s Premieres

The TV Addict on Week 3’s Premieres

Hey Everyone! It’s been another huge week of premieres with popular series coming back and more than a handful of romantic comedies debuting and let’s just say I’m even more in awe with how awesome this fall season has been turning out! The combination of rookie premieres and returning shows (totaling at 21 premieres) only made it more difficult deciding what to watch live and what to record on the DVR or watch online (if you don’t have one of those life-saving machines in your home).



Once Upon A Time:

So I was that person that got a little too overly excited about a Frozen story arc coming to the fourth season of Once Upon a Time (there was some jumping going on after the season finale) and absolutely COULD NOT wait for the big premiere. Not only was I stoked about the cast (ahem Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff), but I was interested to see what else dream team Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz could possible do with bringing the characters of the Disney phenomenon to Storybrooke.


Apart from the crazy CGI versions of Snowball and Grand Pabbie (Sven ironically was a real reindeer), I’m definitely digging the whole Frozen coming to Storybrooke thing. We’re getting to see our favorite sisters Anna (Elizabeth Lail) and Elsa (Georgina Haig) interact with each other a lot more as they prepare for Anna’s wedding and discovering the true reason why their parents set out on the voyage that claimed their lives (in a real life version of that horrific scene might I add), but there is still that tension between the girls due to Elsa’s social awkwardness. We also get to see Elsa and Kristoff interact with each other (since they were only in the film together at the same time for like five minutes tops) when Anna sets off to continue her parents journey from Arendelle to Misthaven (AKA The Enchanted Forest). But the real adventure will be with Elsa in Storybrooke as she searches to find her sister.


Other fun things during the OUAT premiere include the return of Sidney Glass (Giancarlo Esposito), the ever famous first dance of Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and the Beast/Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle), Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) making a Netflix comment to Captain Hook (Colin O’ Donoghue), and a “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?” moment between Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla) and Emma. There was also not one, but two hints at possible upcoming story arcs – one consisting of Regina finding the writer of the book to change her fate (Merida?????) and the other featuring the tale of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (since Rumple had the hat). In the long run, I can’t wait for how the rest of the season will be with the ‘not giving up on the people that you love’ theme.


The Vampire Diaries:

Season six of the ever popular vampire drama (and one of my personal favorites) begins with this whole ‘Dear Diary’ thing from Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) while we get a look at how everyone else is getting over losing Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) and Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) in last season’s finale. Each character is dealing with their grief in their own way – Caroline Forbes (Candace Accola) and Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis) are focused on trying to find a counterspell to allow them back into Mystic Falls, Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) devotes himself to the Police Academy even though the crime is extremely low due to lack of supernaturals, and Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) is pretty much hooking up with anything in a miniskirt. However, Elena’s denial has taken over her well-being and we learn just how far she will go to be able to ‘see’ Damon.


As a Stelena fan from the start, the season premiere has definitely gotten me on the Delena train. I think it might be because Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) is so down on himself and willing to give up that it’s a little bit annoying and out of character for him. Pair him with Elena and we’ve got a whole lot of times where ‘get yourself together’ would be extremely appropriate. The end of the episode has got more than a few theories circling through my head and I can’t wait to see which one is right!


Keep Calm and Watch TV



Manhattan Love Story

Although I know that it won’t stay on the air that long, I quite enjoyed Manhattan Love Story. I mean, the two main characters are an America’s Next Top Model contestant and Evan Chambers from Greek, talk about a teenage dream overload! The storyline of the awkward, newbie New Yorker Dana (Analeigh Tipton) getting set up with the shallow, overly-confident Peter (Jake McDorman) is very stereotypical rom-com in the utmost definition of the genre. I have to admit, the overuse of internal dialogue isn’t exactly my cup of tea for rom-coms, but the interactions between Dana and Peter (as well as anyone slightly involved in the relationship) are humorous and light-hearted and remind me of another little show called Mixology (which was cancelled *sobs*).



This show has a similar feel to I Just Want My Pants Back, but with a much better (and WTF-ish) storyline of what it could possibly be like to work at a beloved theme park. Lucy (Bianca Santos) has literally grown up in Happyland, in which her mother (Camille Guaty) has played the park’s head fairytale princess for God knows how long (hey, when you got it you got it), and she is ready to step out of the fantasy world and into the ‘real‘ world. There’s only so much this show could do within in 30 minute time frame with how elaborate the story is but it successfully threw out a major curveball that both grosses you out and makes you want to come back for more. Let’s just say people like to get ‘happy’ in Happyland and that’s how the whole premise was born.


A to Z

Whether I like to admit it or not, I am somewhat of a hopeless romantic and NBC’s newest romantic comedy series A to Z absolutely plays on my heartstrings. I ended up watching the pilot for this one early and I fell in love with it as hard as Andrew (Ben Feldman) fell for Zelda (Cristin Milioti) when he realized that she was the girl saw at a concert years prior. The plot is that Andrew and Zelda date for eight months, three weeks, five days, and one hour and the audience gets to sit and watch in anticipation as they either break up for good or get married (which I hope is the latter rather than the former). With a ton of strong competition on Thursday nights, I just hope that NBC finishes out the season and reveals what becomes of A and Z before it gets cancelled. If it lasts this season, I’m definitely interested to see how long they can take this storyline. I just know that the longer I watch this show the higher my relationship expectations will get.



Blind Auditions Part 3 & 4:

This wouldn’t be The TV Addict without me bringing up more than a few things about Mister Adam Levine and his merry men (and woman) on The Voice. Nights three and four of the blind auditions were filled with even more great artists and even more scheming from the coaches to fill their team with the best candidates. There were definitely some obvious coach choices made from the contestants, but a majority of the ones that had a coach in mind ended up going with a completely different coach (Jessie Pitts chooses Gwen Stefani over Blake Shelton, and Chris Jamison picks Adam over Pharrell).


Night three consisted of a modern day Ray Charles (Blessing Offer), three contested vocally similar to past Voice favorites (John Martin and Ricky Manning to season three’s hearthrob Dez Duron, and Bree Fondacarow to season one runner-up Dia Frampton), and Adam being straight up picky with everyone (in which he needs to steal Troy Ritchie when the time comes). Night four had more than its fair share of youngins, a handful of matches-made-in-heaven (Jonathan Wyndham with Adam, and Gwen with Amanda Lee Peers and Jean Kelly), and this season’s first “verbal gift covered in spikes.” Again, the battle rounds are going to be insane!




The nerd in me just can’t get over how awesome this show is and this episode was all about the girl who would grow up to become Catwoman Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova). She’s sneaky, she’s stealthy, and she’s kind of a badass for someone so young. However, this episode proved that not even the young and innocent aren’t safe in Gotham City when a bunch of kids (including That’s So Raven’s Kyle Massey) were getting picked up off the streets by minions of The Dollmaker. What really bugged me was that Det. Gordon’s fiancee caused mass abduction in the second half of the episode to occur because she’s a meddler (I think he can do so much better), but I guess it was needed so that little miss Selina Kyle could reveal to Gordon that she might now who killed the Wanyes once the whole fiasco is over. I just hope that the Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) gets more face time because he’s quite the catch (just sayn’).


How to Get Away With Murder:

Seriously, even in its second episode I still felt the same amount of anxiety as I did last week! However, it’s giving us a little bit more to what else they can do with the storyline and it seems like there is going to be a new crime every week (similar to the Lie To Me format). We start to see emotions unravel Annalise’s perfect composure as suspicions arise about her husband’s part in a murder as well as the revealing of just how crazy Wes got in the future murder that occurred (insane doesn’t even begin to cover it). But apart from all of the absurd genius of this show, there was still a humorous scene between Connor (Jack Falahee) and the guy he quite literally pumps information out of where you can totally tell that they are not really kissing.



Who Will Stay (At Least For Awhile)

With Reign in its second season following the rise of Mary Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kade, it’ll probably last two to three seasons tops (like The Tudors) because it’s not like you can just add more to the storyline since, you know, it’s a period piece and all. Resurrection probably has one more season under its belt to finish out its storyline, especially with Marty (Omar Epps) coming back as a returned and the addition of mama Langston (Donna Murphy). If it lasts for longer than that I’m going to have the same feelings about it as I do about The Following (I just can’t get over how long it’s been on the air). Other than that, all of the returning shows have really high chances with staying on the air for a few more seasons. Shows that stay consistently awesome are my favorite.


Who Won’t Last

Remember when I said that Dallas wouldn’t last because they killed off a main character in last week’s piece? Well, it was announced this week that TNT is not-renewing the soap opera reboot for a fourth season and I was in utter shock that I was right! What other shows do you think will be let off the air you ask? For one, Stalker freaks the living daylights out of everyone (I can’t even look at the promo posters) and has been getting massive backlash for its sick, twisted and realistically frightening storyline. Because I am the world’s biggest weenie, I did not watch the show and was certainly not going to set myself up with paranoia of walking my dog at night by watching it either.


On a lighter note, well bittersweetly lighter, any show that is of the comedy genre the premiered this week will most likely not survive a few episodes (with the exception of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in which it’ll finish out its season). Selfie has been getting not-so great reviews since its announcement and unfortunately Manhattan Love Story has been receiving everything but love (minus myself). Speaking of love stories, because NBC sucks with keeping comedies (let alone romantic comedies) around, I wouldn’t be surprised if A to Z had to finish out its season at a later point in time like they did with Do No Harm (not a comedy but was still the same situation).




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