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The TV Addict On Week 4’s Premieres

The TV Addict On Week 4’s Premieres

Hey Everyone! It was a light week of premieres (total of 11), but there are still strong contenders for the DVR and there (shockingly) has yet to be a cancellation. It’s officially been a full month of premieres – let the cancellation Hunger Games begin!



The Originals:

The first of a strong premiere week from The CW comes in the form of the second season of everyone’s favorite original vampire family – The Originals. The premiere focused on the the battle between the Mikaelsons and the Correa werewolves, which is introduced in the form of a bedtime story to Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin)’s child told by Aunt Rebekah (Claire Holt). Although this episode would’ve probably been better if it were last season’s finale, it’s also a fantastic premiere because not only does it show the progress in young witch Davina (Danielle Campbell)’s plot to use Klaus’ biggest fear against him, but it also introduced a threat that just cannot stay dead for the life of her. Let’s just say that I’m pretty excited for the family reunion that will be occurring this season, which includes Teen Wolf’s Daniel Sharman *swoon* playing a returned Mikaelson brother, and yet another chance for Cami (Leah Pipes) and Klaus to fall in love (or at least have a cute little fling).


The Flash:

Possibly one of the most underrated yet beloved DC Comics superheroes has his own show (again) and it looks like The Flash will be staying for a little while. It definitely premiered at the perfect time with superheroes dominating anything with a screen and this series marks a successful Flash endeavor that’s been lacking for quite some time. Grant Gustin as Barry Allen is a perfect casting (he’s so cute I just want to put him in my pocket), the special effects are exceptional for a tv show, and it’s a lot more fun and carefree in dialogue (”lightning gave me abs?”) than its parent show on Wednesday nights. We see a little bit of Barry’s background and watch him as he tries to control his newfound speed, which reminded me of when Tobey Maguire a-la the first Spider-Man film. A quick little Green Arrow cameo, his vow to get his father out of prison for a crime he did not commit (*tears*), and a mysterious ending to the episode that makes you say ‘Wait, what just happened?!?!?’ makes The Flash a new addiction for superhero nerds.



The replacement for Smallville (AKA Arrow) started off its third season strong, witty, mysterious, emotional and an adrenaline rush all at the same time. While I really do not like Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) together, it was quite cute and humorous seeing them interact in a date setting when she practically knows everything about him and has seen him shirtless (those abs!) too many times to count. With the edition of Brandon Routh as the future Ant-Man and more crossover episodes with The Flash, I’d say that Felicity has two better partner options than Oliver.  The premiere also featured the return of the popular Starling City drug Vertigo and a trippy fight between Oliver and well…an altered state version of himself caused by the drug. We also get to see little Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) in his first run as the Red Arrow and some foreshadowing that Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) will become the new Black Canary. Plus, the flashbacks to Oliver’s time in Hong Kong and continued crossover with The Flash just creates MORE nerdiness and excitement for the rest of the scene. I just hope that the network puts them both on the same night eventually.



My rom-com shows discussed some very important relationship (or potential relationship) topics. Both A to Z and Manhattan Love Story delve into the headache inducing question of when you should be exclusive with someone while New Girl touches base on the fact that we are completely shallow (whether you admit it or not) when searching for a new mate and The Mindy Project plays with the idea (in the most humorous way possible) that both parties should be willing to compromise on certain things when in a serious relationship.


Other fun things that happened this week included flashbacks to all of the moments that made us fall in love with Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) on The Vampire Diaries (including his sexy dance moves), Scarlett (Clare Bowen) saving her 15-year-old cousin Maddie (Lennon Stella) from making huge mistakes at a barn party on Nashville, and a frustrated Elsa (Georgina Haig) makes a “Let It Go” reference while she and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) are trapped under her icy fort in Once Upon A Time, which caused an adorable Captain Swan (Captain Hook and Emma Swan) moment.



Who Will Stay (At Least For Awhile):

The CW’s superhero shows Arrow and The Flash did extremely well with their premieres and with the ever rising popularity of all things nerd I don’t think we’ll be saying ‘goodbye’ to them anytime soon. Rookie series The Flash even earned the station its highest rated premiere in 5 years and it’s probably because he is such a DC fan favorite and is finally getting the recognition he deserves. Speaking of The CW, Supernatural is on its 10th (really???) season and I’m pretty sure that there can be a few more seasons squeezed out of it before it finally ends. And American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy has already been talking about how the anthology series can last 10-15 seasons (especially now that it just got a spin-off series American Crime Story). I mean, I guess being scared will never go out of business right?


Who Won’t Last:

I honestly just don’t think that comedies are doing all that well this season.Manhattan Love Story has received not-so-flattering reviews since day one, Selfie has been on the chopping block since before it even aired, New Girl and The Mindy Project have had an on-going ‘will it be renewed or will it get cancelled’ toss up since last year but stay afloat because of how awesome Zooey Deschanel and Mindy Kaling are. And let’s just not even talk about Mulaney because a combination of bad ratings and being placed at possibly the worst time block on television will cause its early demise.




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