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Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic Recap

Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic Recap

Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic isn’t really about playing golf. “It’s about changing people’s lives,” says former Heisman Trophy winner turned NFL quarterback and now Major League Baseball hopeful, Tim Tebow. At his foundation’s 7th annual Celebrity Golf Classic, personalities like Jordin Sparks, Anthony Mackie and Harry Connick, Jr. enjoy not only participating in the tournament, but also interacting with fans to help the Tim Tebow Foundation with its mission to “bring Faith, Hope and Love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.” This day is less about competition and more about compassion. Jordin Spark jokes at the tournament’s Gala, “I don’t really know how to golf. I can’t golf.” But she feels compelled to participate this year because of Tim, saying, “I love that he is genuine, and what he stands for, and the work that he does, and I want to be able to support that.”

Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic

Tebow wants his charity work to be his legacy, not sports. “You know when people talk about me one day in the future, I don’t think they’re going to mention anything I did on any sports field. I hope they’re not even really talking about me. I hope that they’re talking about this Foundation and all the kids that we’re serving and the impact that we are making,” he believes. Furthermore he shares, “What really matters is the life that we get to change, and this Foundation is all about trying to bring people together.” He adds, “I feel like that is really my biggest life calling is to try to spread as much love as I possibly can.” He credits Jesus for his strength during life’s storms and the highs and lows in his sports career. “My relationship with Jesus is the most important [thing] in my life and that is my rock. It is what defines me,” he confides.

Echoing these sentiments with regards to Tebow’s sports career, Sparks says “success is in the eye of the beholder. Just like beauty…people might see success as him continuing in the NFL or not switching over to baseball. She adds, “It’s his own journey to take. It’s not anybody else’s journey.” For both of them, it is really how you define success in your own life.


Talking baseball training instead of golf, Tebow says, “It’s going really well so far. Only six days in, so still early, but it’s been so fun and the Mets have been such a great organization.” So what’s next for Tebow and the Mets, he says, “I’m so thankful for this opportunity and [to] see what happens in the future.” Where might the Mets send Tebow? Well, he says, “I’ll figure out where they’re going to send me, and I’ll go from there.”

This year Tebow turns the big 3-0 and we have to ask Ms. Sparks what she will be getting her longtime friend for his birthday. She jokes, “It depends on what he’s doing for his birthday, but I think he would appreciate time.” She explains, “I think he appreciates people coming…[taking] the time and [making] the effort…. [So] if [he] was going on another mission for example…I will give my time for his 30th birthday.” She adds, “I’ll roll up my sleeves,…[because] I think he’d really appreciate something like that.”


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