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Tobe Hooper Horror Film Director Dies

Tobe Hooper Horror Film Director Dies

Tobe Hooper, ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ director, dies at 74. The horror-movie director created a low-budget sensation ‘The Chain Saw Massacre’ in 1974.

Los Angeles County coroner’s office says Tobe Hooper died of natural causes on Saturday in his Sherman Oaks home.Tobe Hooper

Hooper was one of many contemporaries like George Romero and John Carpenter who created a serious of nightmare movies. Hooper directed his 1982 ‘Poltergeist’ from a script by Steven Spielberg. He then lead the well-known 1979 miniseries ‘Salem’s Lot’ from Stephen King’s novel.

Hooper was a little-known filmmaker of documentaries and TV commercials when he made his most popular work in the 1974 film ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’. The film’s budget was less than $300,000. Hooper developed the film in Texas, and it became one of the most influential films in horror.

The slasher film was marketed as based on a true story. The film tells the story of a group of friends who encounter a family of cannibals in Central Texas. Leather face, the central villain was closely related to the serial killer Ed Gein Other than that, the film was mostly fiction.


Tobe Hooper once mentioned is inspiration for the film came from starring at a chainsaw in a department store, which made the film slightly political.

In 2014 Hooper said, “I had never seen anything like it, and I wanted to see it myself.” He continues, “That was a driving force and my ability to pull the energy up out of myself to work that damn hard, as I wanted to see it, the movie, I mean, as a finished picture. The energies are making a decision at a point.”Tobe Hooper

The film was controversial in a number of ways. Several countries banned the film, yet the film still prospered with a gross of $30.8 million playing for 8 years in drive-ins and theaters across the country.

‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ was selected as the Director’s Fortnight of the 1975 Cannes Film Festival. It later became a permanent collection at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Tobe Hooper directed his last film in 2013. ‘Dijinn,’ a supernatural thriller set in the United Arabs Emirates. An Emirati couple returns home from a trip only to find out their home was built on a site that belonged to malevolent beings.


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