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Top 20 Celebrity Men On Snapchat!

Top 20 Celebrity Men On Snapchat!

We are here to break down 20 Celebrities Men on SnapChat that you have to follow! As more and more of your favorite stars hop on the Snapchat wagon, figuring out how to add them to your friends list can become a difficult task. I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi and you’re watching In The Loop!

Top 20 Celebrity Men On Snapchat!

Lets start things off with

1. Austin Mahone who goes by snap chat yungmahone. If you follow him you know all to well about his His sexy-smolder and videos of himself singing. This snap will definitely keep you entertained

2. Chris Pratt goes by chrisprattsnaps and he post only the funniest videos of course!

3.Tyga his username is lamboluxury for those of you who follow Kylie but want another angel to her life following her man is the best way to do it!

4. David Guetta goes by davidguettaoff and you will always see snaps of other celebrities and funny videos on his timeline.

5. The guys of One Direction username is simple its onedirection. We used to see its of Exclusive footage and hilarious videos but since their hiatus its been a little dry

6.Zedd: zedd he snaps Hot selfies and a slew of hilarious filtered videos. Gotta love those filters!

7. 5 Seconds of Summer username on snapchat is wearefivesos. If you are a fan you have to follow them because you literally get its of their day to day lives its super personal.

8.Rick Ross username brings me back to AOL Username but he goes by ferrarifatboy you get exclusive footage on his snap with videos of His daily life and clips of conceets backstage.

9.Cody Simpson snap is aussiemuso you wil love his Studio photos with his band and airplane selfies. Nothing like taking pictures with the clouds!

10.Shawn Mendes his username is his name shawnmendes but just add a 1. “Shawnmendes1” you can see shirtless pics, goofy videos and day to day stuff on his snap.

11. Nick Jonas username is a little jumbles up its jicknonas. What he snaps is Award show footage, studio sessions, and photos from his dressing room. exciting stuff folks

12. Ed Sheeran is  teddysdaytoday on snapchat and you can see him post selfies with funny quotes and what he eats. SO don’t watch his snaps if you are hungry.

13. Justin Bieber: rickthesizzler he has a interesting snap! he post great photos of when he is traveling, videos with family and friends, and inspirational quotes.

14. The Weeknd: xo.official. What he snaps: His crew, his fans, and behind-the-scenes videos of his concerts.

15. Rob Kardashian has a naughty user name so ill just let it show on screen “robphuckedme” he is new to snapchat and you can see him getting in shape with his newest finance blacc chyna. 

16. is Zayn Malik as zayn on snap chat and he posts Late night studio sessions and sneak peeks of his new music. but we all secretly stalk his snaps for picks of Gigi

17. Kevin Hart: KevinHart4real you have to follow a comedian on snapchat to stay entertained and Kevin does that forsake snappingg Motivational quotes, workout videos, and funny randomness.

18.Diddy as puffdaddy he post Positive vibes and Miami parties. Did you expect anything else from him?

19. Calvin Harris: calvinharris he share his Trips to Whole Foods, with us and music of course but again i think most people follow him to get sneak peak of Taylor Swift

We had to save the best for last

20.DJ Khaled as djkhaled305 Miami in the house he is so much fun to watch on snapchat! he shares what the Key to success is, inspirational photos, and hilarious videos.

Well there you have it 20 celebrity men on snapchat but we know there is more so let me know in the comments below if there is anyone i left out that you follow on snap or hit me up at Jackie Iadonisi on insta or twitter and let me know who you dub snapchat queen. Thanks you for watching IN THE LOOP don’t forget to like this video and subscribe see you on snap chat!


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