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Top 20 Celebrity Women On Snapchat

Top 20 Celebrity Women On Snapchat

As more and more of your favorite stars hop on the Snapchat wagon, figuring out how to add them to your friends list can become a difficult task. So I am here to break down Top 20 Celebrity Women on SnapChat that you have to follow! I’m your host Jackie Iadonisi and you’re watching In The Loop!

Top 20 Celebrity Women On Snapchat

Lets start with the snapchat queen! Kylie Jenner and her username is kylizzlemynizzl. In her snaps you can see her outfits makeup, funny videos, behind-the-scenes selfies and sometimes she does comedy sketches.

2. Ciara username @Ciara and hopefully someone snaps her wedding and we can be apart of the whole ceremony.

3. Tori Kelly username @koritelly – on her snaps we get previews of her music and picture of her awesome curly hair.


4. Fifth Harmony and they kept it simple with the username @fifthharmony we can see Workout videos and their outfits of the day on there snapchat

5. Now of my faves Becky G username @beckygofficial. true to her personality she post Hilarious filtered videos and selfies.

6. Kendall Jenner: @kendalljenner she is new to snapchat and a little soap shy but when she does post its Cute behind-the-scenes photos with the rest of the Kardashian clan.

 7. Zendaya goes by @Zendaya_96 on snapchat and she is always super entertaining! You can always get a good laugh following her.

8. Rebel Wilson snap name is @rebelwilsonsnap another funny women you see her being hilarious, per usual.

9. Meghan Trainor: @mtrainor22 you can go along with her in her car as she takes selfies in their and see some encounters with other celebs!


10. Ariana Grande goes by @moonlightbae. Her snapchat never disappoints you can see tour footage and videos of her and her brother, Frankie, singing together. #amazing


11. Jennifer Lopez snapchat name is @jlobts who doesn’t want to see her designer outfits and photos of her jaw-dropping curves?


12. Rihanna: @rihanna its nice to get to see her up close and personal side-eyes, makeup tutorials, and snack runs. I love a girl who is pretty and can eat!

13. Gigi Hadid: @itsgigihadid

What does a model do on snapchat post other Pictures with models and show behind-the-scenes photoshoots of course. and a plus we get to see her and Zayn show a little pda

14. Selena Gomez: @selenagomez we alawas get to see her inner circle of friends on snap and her patiente luscious hair.

15. Chrissy Teigen: @chrissyteigen we love to see the process of her pregnancy Baby bump pics, cooking videos, and more!

16.Lady Gaga: @ladygaga you never know what you will get from gaga but its nice to check in on her daily life.


17. Demi Lovato as @theddlovato on snap you can see her Her daily life, selfies, and her man Wilmer!

18. Kim Kardashian: @KimKardashian. What do she snap Selfies, of course.

19. Sister Kourtney Kardashian: @kourtneykardash and she does a little more with her you can see Funny filtered videos and snaps with her famous fam, of course.

Coming in at number 20 is Bella Thorne @BellaThorneDAB She is goofy in her snaps and we love to see her just have a good time!


Well there you have it 20 celebrity women on snapchat but we know there is more so let me know in the comments below if there is anyone I left out that you follow on snap or hit me up at @JackieIadonisi on instagram or twitter and let me know who you dub snapchat queen. Thanks you for watching IN THE LOOP don’t forget to like this video and subscribe see you on snap chat!


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