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Tyrese: Exclusive Interview About Saving R&b Music with New Album!

Tyrese: Exclusive Interview About Saving R&b Music with New Album!

Tyrese Gibson Talks all about his new album and its purpose!



Entertainment Scoop got the privilege to speak to Tyrese Gibson  this morning about his New Album entitled Black Rose and his advocacy to speak up about injustice in the Mainstream radio business!

The R&B singer has had a hit single make it #1 for 11 weeks, but Black Rose, which was released July 7th, is his first solo album to make it to #1 album in 15 countries!

Tyrese has recently been making media headlines for speaking up about his #1 single Shame not being played on the main-stream radio.

In his fight against this injustice Tyrese has brought up other artists such as Sam Smith, Justin Timberlake, and Robin Thicke yet he tells us he loves and respects their music just that he doesn’t get certain things.

“How is it possible when [they] sing R&B soul specifically, top 40 radio rhythmic crossover stations are playing their music as well as Urban Radio AC but Urban Radio isn’t thinking they should just be played on ‘white’ radio stations, we spread love…so why doesn’t it work both ways?” said Tyrese.

These are issues the singer claims are not new but have not been spoken about on a higher platform.

“The hits have given me a much bigger voice, I am now yelling at the top of the mountain saying ‘hey something is not fair here’ a lot of other people are saying this but they don’t have the same platform as me”.

Not only is this important to talk about but it is beneficial for the sake of our society as a whole because Music is one thing that the mass has in common.

“If they want to twist my words to this being a rant or an angry black man using the race card…then they are trying to distract the people from the real issue!” says Tyrese…God has blessed me with being articulate a you don’t get caught up in the dogma and be taken off my course I’m very focused and this is all to the benefit of R&B”.

Some are saying that this is a stunt to gain publicity or to build fame on himself but the R&B singer states that this is all for a higher purpose.

“Celebrity and fame is not the motivation it’s about being significant, staying on your path and using your gifts and talents to maximize your life and career in any way you can without letting anything f*%# up your focus!” said Tyrese. 

Being one of his most honest and personal albums, the artist mentioned that he was going through tough times when pulling it together.

The singer has turned down 8 movies and the first season of the hit show Empire due to custody  battles for his child and a recent break-up.

When asked about his Album, focus on pure R&B and his inspirations the singer said, “I wanted to bring back real R&B with Album packaging, real music videos that don’t look like ‘We are the world’ with 15 rappers in them”.

Tyrese also filled us in on information about a re-release of his album in November which is expected to come jam packed with a short film produced by Denzel Washinton a book and 6 new songs!

The greatest message received from Tyrese was that this Album is meant to serve a much greater purpose than what we think artist plans to motivate and inspire us saying “Why have fans if you won’t motivate and inspire them through your transparency?”.

Tyrese has many great things coming our way and we can’t wait to see him reunited with Taraji “Cookie” P. Henson on the second season of Empire! Don’t forget to Download his album off of Itunes and check out his Album listening party “The Black Rose Experience” on Vimeo which will give you a quick look of Tyrese’s album!

Link to purchase “Black Rose” on iTunes

Link to watch #1 Single “Shame” on Vimeo

In the words from Tyrese himself trust when he says, “R&B doesn’t matter right now so the success of this Black Rose album is changing the game!”

What is your favorite song on the album, does Tyrese have a point about mainstream radio stations? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!



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