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Vinny May Jr of Kodaline talks about new album, “Coming Up For Air”

Vinny May Jr of Kodaline talks about new album, “Coming Up For Air”


Kodaline is set to release their sophomore album Coming Up For Air on April 14th as well as embark on a 22 city North American Headlining tour.

The group worked on this album with producers Jacknife Lee (U2, Snow Patrol, One Direction), Jim Eliot (Ellie Goulding) and In A Perfect World producer Steve Harris.  Additionally the group worked with One Direction’s Harry Styles and garnered fans such as Ed Sheeran, Courtney Cox, Ellie Goulding, Niall Horan (One Direction),Nicole Scherzinger, Randy Jackson and many more.

The group just completed their SOLD OUT European & UK tour and performed at this year’s Swiss Music Awards. “The One” was Radio 1’s Track of the Day as well as Radio 2’s Record of the Week last week and is currently A Listed at Radio 1. Their current single, “The One” is currently hitting airwaves and was written in 1 day about their longtime friend and engineer for his wedding.

Q: How long have you guys known each other? how did you meet?

VM: Myself, Mark and Steve have know each other since we were 14-years-old. We met Jason, or bass player, in 2011 when we formed Kodaline. We were in band together when we were younger, you know, we used to skateboard together, so that’s how we became friends. But yeah, Kodaline came to be when we met Jay about 3 years ago.

Q: Music was seemly your career path, was that what you’ve always wanted to do?

VM: Yeah, I started playing drums when I was about nine-years-old. The guys have been playing their instruments when they were kids or teenagers as well, so it’s always something we wanted to do. We all went to college and tried different things and had shitty jobs, but music was always what I wanted to do. If we weren’t in the position we are, we’d probably be trying to play some shitty gigs or something. We just got lucky, you know.

Q: Can you describe the feeling you have when you are playing gigs now?

VM: When we play festivals, the nerves are definitely there because you know there is going to be a big crowd, so you’re always a little nervous at festivals. When it’s our own show, theres more excitement. I love it now that we are playing new songs off our album and it’s exciting because we are playing songs that a lot of people have never heard before and are even new to us, so it’s a lot of fun. More excitement than nervous.

Q: How does “Coming Up For Air” differ from your last album “In A Perfect World?”

VM: The process was extremely quick for “Coming Up For Air.” We were in the studio recording and we’d be playing festivals during the summer. We would be playing festivals Friday, Saturday and Sunday and then Monday and Tuesday we would be in the studio working on songs, so it just came together really quickly. It was good fun and more of a collaborative effort this time around because we are a tighter band and better friends and musicians than we were a few years ago. We experimented and I think we pulled it off.

Q: Is there a theme to “Coming Up For Air?”

VM: No, there’s not really a theme. We write music about people and experiences that we’ve had and shared. There is one song on the record that was written as a wedding present to our producer because we forgot to get him a present. It was a lazy present, but it worked our and they loved it. They were excited that a song that we wrote for them is on the album. Everything else was from traveling and 18 months of being on the road, you know.

Q: Which song means the most to you from “Coming Up For Air?”

VM: Probably the last song on the album, “Love Will Set You Free.” It’s a song that we’ve had for a while. We’ve always kind of had the idea of the song, but we never did anything with it. It was the very last track that we recorded, so we just squeezed it on the album. It was great for us to finally finish this song and we’re really happy about it.


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