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Virginia Gardner Behind-The-Scenes

Virginia Gardner Behind-The-Scenes

Virginia Gardner

Virginia Gardner Talks Project Almanac

This year has been off to a good start for actress Virginia Gardner since she landed her first lead role in the science fiction thriller film, Project Almanac. This role in particular has been vital to her blossoming career as an actress. “I knew nothing about how a movie was made,” Gardner explains. “The fact that I got to learn behind the camera and kind of watch everything and then try my hand in front of the camera was actually really beneficial to me.” Directed by Dean Israelite, Project Almanac explores the possibility of time travel and how altering existing circumstances could change the course of history forever, something Virginia Gardner has learned not to take lightly. “I think the message is that things happen for a reason and maybe it’s not always best to go back and try to make every single thing perfect.” In the movie, Gardner plays Christina, the daughter of an inventor who died and left behind precious relics, inspiring the idea of time travel for the characters in the film. Though nothing in life is perfect, the bonds that Gardner has created with each of her co-stars come pretty close, especially when asked about co-star Sophia Black D’Elia. “Sophia and I actually moved into the same hotel room after a couple of days because we became so close,” the actress gushed. “We’re all really good friends and we text almost every day.” Be sure to catch Project Almanac in a theatre near you!


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