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Will Ferrell Interview

Will Ferrell Interview

Daddy is home and his name is Will Ferrell. We had the privilege of chatting with him at the premier of his new movie Daddy’s Home. A movie about a step father and biological father dueling it out for the affection of the children. Will Ferrell teams up with Mark Wahlberg who plays the freewheeling biological father that he must compete against.

When we asked Ferrell what the lesson of the film was he had a very interesting answer saying “I think one of the bigger lessons that people are going to come away with, and I think it’s gonna kinda change the world is that Dance is a great form of conflict resolution. When two super powers have an issue and their meeting at the UN they just dance it out.” Will Ferrell for President in 2020. The world will truly be a much better place with him in the Oval Office. I can already see Obama and Putin breaking it down to some Drake for a little world peace.

will farell

Being a movie about dads competing to be the best we had to ask Ferrell some advice on parenting. He told us “The biggest thing is to admit when you’re wrong. Like when you’ve accused them of not brushing their teeth and you find out the next day oh no they brushed their teeth, even tho you made them brush them again you need to apologize.” Parenting 101 folks. I hope you’re writing this down.

Our last question to Ferrell was a big one. Something that has been eating at most of us for awhile now causing many sleepless nights. That question is whats with the Ugg boot? A winter boot but you can’t wear them in the snow. We asked Will his thoughts on the matter and he said “I heard the people at Ugg have taken this into consideration and are finally reversing the patent.” We asked if we’ll be seeing a Will Ferrell Ugg boot any time soon and we were told to be on the look out for one in 2020. I’m counting down the days Will. You better not be lying.

Did you find this interview helpful as far as parenting goes? Do you think Will Ferrell is a good dad? What did you think of the movie? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @EntScoop.



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