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YouTube Singer Songwriter Megan Davies

YouTube Singer Songwriter Megan Davies

YouTube singer-songwriter Megan Davies reached new heights with her career. The artist built her career on YouTube with over a million subscribers to her channel and over 154 million views.

After graduating from Belmont University, Megan Davies worked in publishing administration. While working her day-to-day job Megan worked as a songwriter, posting covers and mashups on YouTube and Spotify.


Megan is a total boss! The young songwriter is an independent songwriter and guitarist. Currently, Megan writes and edits her own music, the artist even edits her own videos. Talk about independent!Megan Davies

Megan’s songs have been produced and recorded by her. She has created the acoustics and much more, all from her bedroom. As her career grows, Megan Davies wants to continue to be a part of her sound.

One of Megan’s first projects outside her bedroom is her debut EP Bad Poetry, which is set to release late August. Her debut is enchanting, whimsical, and marks a major step in Megan’s music career.

The artist admits the debut was the first time she recorded in a studio rather than her bedroom. With such a different experience, Megan tells us she’s grown creatively from her experience in the studio.

Many of Megan’s mashups even include her sister Jacqueline. Megan and Jacqueline have worked together, but Megan admits her sister is not interested in the music industry. Their relationship has grown through their mashups, but it’s all fun for Jacqueline.

Megan Davies

Megan admits she aspires to grow drastically through YouTube, as she will continue work on new mashups. As a YouTube sensation, there is no telling how much farther Megan can go!

Her recent trip to Los Angeles was sit for special performance and opportunities that could open new doors for the artist. Megan admits there could also be something new in store as soon as Fall.

Megan also just signed with ICM’s Craig Bruck, who is directly responsible for developing Lindsey StirlingFifth HarmonyMelanie MartinezAJR’s (and others’) highly successful touring careers.



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