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Zendaya: Short Hair Don’t Care!

Zendaya: Short Hair Don’t Care!

Zendaya Addressed All the haters about her hair!

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

Short hair, don’t care!!! That’s exactly what Zendaya had in mind after stepping onto the BET red carpet last night showing off an adorable short haircut that had every opinionated person around speaking out!

Red carpets are all about who wore what best, but for Zendaya she wears what she wants and pays no mind to her worst critics!


The 18-year-old was seen on the BET red carpet last night sporting an adorable pixie cut!


Now this isn’t the first time the Disney star rocks a new hair style on a red carpet and gets ugly remarks thrown out about it.


Earlier this year for the 2015 Academy Awards, Zendaya Wore big beautiful Dreadlocks which made her receive a lot of negative feedback.


Zendaya Academy Awards 2015

The most controversial was that of Juliana Rancic on E!’s fashion police who said the singer “smells similar to patch out oil…or might be weed.”


This time around people are still talking but Zendaya is living her life like it’s Golden and showing us through twitter where she posted a hilarious hater come back saying:


“When people don’t like ur hair but they tweetin bout you tho…”


She went on and also shared a video of herself snatching the short pixie wig right off of her head!!!


This girl can really care less but we are so glad she’s mature and confident enough to laugh at herself before anyone laughs at her!

Zendaya always looks beautiful and we can’t wait to see what other hair stunt she is planng to pull on us at the next red carpet event she attends!

What do you all think of Zendaya’s choice of hair yesterday? Is there anything you would want to see her experiment with next? Let us know in the comments below!


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