13 Reasons Why Finale Will Shock You

Disclaimer: spoilers ahead.

The last season of Netflix’s original series, 13 Reasons Why, can be described in one word as…intense. The series finale is extremely heartbreaking, shocking, and once again controversial. Here’s what you need to know.

Recap: The drama centers the crazy, almost unbelievable, life of teenage students who continue to cover up secrets and most importantly, the death of Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice.) Monty (Timothy Granaderos) was sent to jail for child rape and was framed for Bryce’s death. Shortly thereafter, he was stabbed to death by another prisoner. Several people seek answers for Bryce’s death and want justice for Monty.

 Season 4 sheds light on mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse, sexuality, and death. After all the traumatic experiences, Clay (Dylan Minnette) took it the hardest. Throughout the season, he experienced serious panic attacks, anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations. Zach (Ross Butler) on the other hand, resorted to alcohol as his coping method. Whereas Justin (Brandon Flynn) was recovering from his drug addiction and seemed to be doing better…that is until the final episode. So, it turns out Alex (Miles Heizer) is gay and started liking (and kissing) Winston (Deaken Bluman.) Remember him?

Winston was Monty’s secret gay lover, who BTW, transferred to Liberty High School to uncover the real Bryce Walker murderer. Winston is basically Monty’s alibi, since they had spent the night together when Bryce was killed. However, Monty would not admit so because he was not openly gay and did not intend to be. Like Winston, the football jocks also wanted to prove that Monty was framed by Clay and his friends. For this reason, they started tormenting Clay—the weakest most vulnerable of the clan, who was also receiving professional help for his mental issues. But once they found out Winston was only befriending the clan to get information on who killed Bryce, they kept their distance.

So then, shit gets real. There were student riots, protests, car accidents, a code red lockdown, college interviews, and prom. Clay went through a series of serious anxiety attacks, depression, and dissociation. There were many incidents caused by him that he was completely unaware of. Ani (Grace Saif) and Clay’s relationship does not survive, he sees the ghosts of Bryce and Monty, and he escapes a mental hospital. Pretty intense for a high school senior. The haunting question throughout the whole season is: who killed Bryce Walker?

Well, Winston finds out during prom night after Alex confesses to him. Winston decides not to say anything because he truly loved Alex. Aw! Another sweet moment during prom night was when Justin decided to show up and slow danced with Jess (Alisha Boe), it was really romantic. Then, the plot took a very dark turn. Justin fainted in the middle of the dance floor, was urged to the hospital, and never came out. It was a super tragic death—it made my heart hurt and my eyes water. His death was one of the most controversial decisions of the series. (You’re better off watching the 10 episodes to find out why.)

 Nonetheless, the group of friends became closer after all the trauma and hardships they went through—oh, they also graduate and go to college (really good schools too!)

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