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2000s Fashion Trends Breakdown: Hot or Not?

2000s fashion is back, and we are so here for it – but maybe not all of it. Y2K clothing is making a huge come back, and those trends we thought were over for good are starting up again. We’re going to break down these trends, and tell you what we think should stay, and what needs to go.


prada shoulder bag

Shoulder Bags

One thing we LOVE about Y2K fashion is the shoulder bags. These are perfect if you just need to bring a few things with you to the bar, the mall, or honestly wherever. They are so versatile, and serve so many purposes, including being an accessory. A shoulder bag can be the perfect addition to your outfit – it adds so much. It also can be such a great prop in an insta photo! The vintage Prada shoulder bag is definitely our favorite, but there are so many to choose from.

paris hilton and kim kardashian in 2000s fashion

Juicy Couture Tracksuits

We’ve been waiting for this one. Juicy tracksuits are coming back baby! The comfiest, velour tracksuits are perfect for hanging around the house, but also super cute to wear out. Skims makes a very cozy velour tracksuit too! You and your friends can have your Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton moment wearing these! All you need is a flip phone and you’re good to go.

2000s fashion

Baby Tees

Baby Tees have been back for a little while, but we had to mention them. They are perfect to dress up or down. Pair with some low-rise jeans or a pleaded skirt, a shoulder bag, and you have the perfect Y2k inspired outfit! We especially love the baby tees that have writing on them!


2000s fashion

Denim on Denim

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good double denim moment – but if not done right, this trend can be horrific. As with a lot of the Y2k trends, some can look bad. A lot of times, the double denim trend can be pulled off, but when it’s not, it’s unfortunate. 

This trend can be overdone, by wearing too much denim. Wearing denim jeans, a denim top, a denim jacket, and a denim accessory all at the same time can be a bit much. Another way this trend can go south, is when there are too many shades of denim. Differentiation of shades looks good, but not when there are too many – overkill.

paris hilton and nicole richie


Camo is one of those trends that seems to try and creep up every year – go away! We really hope the Y2K camo trend doesn’t come back, especially if it involves bermuda shorts with pockets. That one can definitely stay in the 2000s!

britney spears 2000s fashion

Extremely Low-Rise Jeans

We love the low-rise jeans trend – but there is such a thing of them being too low-rise. Jeans that are too low and too tight are not a good look. If done right, however, these jeans can look so good.

We are so excited that 2000s fashion is coming back, and can’t wait to see some new fits!

What is your favorite 2000s fashion trend? Drop a comment below and let us know! 

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