4th of July

4th of July Activities To Do At Home

The 4th of July is coming up and COVID cases aren’t going down so it is common sense to stay home. Maybe you really enjoy the 4th of July and this is a bit of a bummer.  No worries! You can still have a fun 4th of July from the comfort and safety of your own home! 

1) Perhaps you live with other people or perhaps you don’t. Regardless, bake some festive treat! Cupcakes are always a good idea and the most fun to decorate. You could buy multicolored sprinkles and frosting and maybe have a competition to see whose are the best!

4th of July
2) This next one would mainly apply if you live with others. Buy some neighborhood friendly fireworks! Wait until the sun goes down, grab some chairs and some snacks and just set them off. I guarantee the kid inside you will be very pleased.
3) Have a movie night! This one can be done with the people you live with or remotely with others! Watch a patriotic movie, if that’s what you’re into. It can be anything your heart desires. I personally suggest making yourself feel nostalgic and watching one of the Sandlot films. 
4) Do a 4th of July craft! Take a trip to your local craft store and grab some supplies. Anything from painting, to tie dying, to jewelry making and just sit with some friends and get creative. Talk about life, cry together if that’s the vibe. Just enjoy each others company. (Michael’s offers curbside pickup!)
5) If you really want to go see some real big boy fireworks then I suggest driving your car to a high spot. This is usually a parking lot structure. Get off and enjoy the view. I’m sure wherever you are you will see a few good fireworks. Enjoy the view!
Looking for more suggestions? We have some more ideas for safe ways to hang out with friends! 
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