5 Safe Activities To Do With Friends

Let me slap you in the face with the truth. You’re safer at home. Don’t be a dumb ass and risk the health of yourself and others just because you felt like going out with a group of friends to a public place. 

With that being said I understand your boredom. I love my family but they are driving me insane and I miss my friends. I miss them so much. I miss going out with them and doing stupid shit. I miss getting driven home after hours of hanging out just to have another two hour long conversation, parked outside my house. *sigh*


Here are some fun things you can do with your friends this summer while still staying the fuck away from each other!

1) Complete an online escape room over the phone.

I was perusing Tik Tok, as I normally do, and I came across a video that introduced this really cool online escape room that you and another person can solve together. It’s this really cool site called Enchambered. You can play some for free but other games are a “pay what you want” system with a $5 minimum. 

2) Have a Netflix Party movie night.

Netflix offers this really cool option that allows you to stream anything on the service, perfectly synced with other devices. There’s even a chatroom on the side for any commenting or roasting that you’d like to partake in. You and your friends could all have a movie night, that is, if you can agree on what to watch. 

3) A socially distanced picnic at an open park.
You, pack some food and snacks for yourself, they, pack food and snacks for themselves. You each pack a blanket and drive down to your nearest opened park. You set the blankets up 6 feet away from each other. You eat your snacks, talk it up, get some sun, fall in love? 
4) Have a virtual cook off
Hear me out. You all find a dish you want to cook, buy those ingredients and set up a virtual meeting time, on Zoom or FaceTime whatever you’re using, and just start to cook dude. When you’re all done, plate it and do an honest taste test. Whoever has the best plating and taste wins. 

5) Play some Jackbox Games

You might have already heard of Jackbox Games but if not it’s a really cool site where you can play cool games with multiple people. They have so many options and you can have an over the phone game night with your friends. Feel free to throw alcohol into the mix. 

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