7 Binge Worthy Shows You Can Watch On Netflix

So during this time in my life I have, how you say, a shit load of time on my hands. If you’re like me and the boredom is beginning to crush you then I have a list of binge worthy shows that you can watch on Netflix right now. This list is made by me so of course it is tailored to my taste but I like to believe that everyone can find something that they might enjoy!  

1) Black Mirror 

So first on the list is Black Mirror which I promise will mind fuck you like no other show. The stories are absolutely genius and so well thought out. Each episode is a different story that takes place in what I believe can be considered a conceivable future. This show answers the question, “What happens to mankind when technology becomes too powerful?’ 

2) New Girl

I know this show is kinda old news and maybe you have already seen it but if you have this is your sign to rewatch it! This show is hilarious and the characters are so lovable and funny. I love Schmidt…and Nick…and Winston. Not only is it funny but the friendships that are formed are just so heartwarming. 

3) Queer Eye

This show is so satisfying to watch. It’s got everything. Personal make overs, cooking, house remodeling, life coaching and it’s all done for a deserving person. You will fall in love with each member of the Fab 5 I guarantee it. Warning: Some episodes will make you cry because they are so sweet. 

4) Derry Girls 

I didn’t really hear this show get the recognition it deserved but it is such a lovely show. It follows four best friends living in Ireland during the 90’s. The girls are all so funny and it is so exciting to watch all the mischief they get themselves into. You will be hooked after watching the first episode. 

5) Dracula

This was one of the easiest shows to watch on this list. One of those reasons being because there are only three episodes. For fans of the old tale of Dracula, enjoy this new take on the classic. The writing is so spectacular that it gave me chills. It ends with a twist I wasn’t anticipating at all. 

6) F is for Family 

This show is more for fans of darker, more vulgar humor. It is a hilarious show following the life of Frank Murphy, a man who is just not too happy about the life that his choices have led up to. He is a hardworking man who is devoted to his family…he’s just got a slight anger problem. 

7) Avatar: The Last Airbender

This was just to appeal to your inner child and make you feel nostalgic if you have already seen the show. For those who haven’t, I highly recommend. It follows the life of Aang, the Avatar, and his journey as he tries to master all four styles of bending: air, water, Earth and fire. He meets many friends and foes along the way. 

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