8 Fashion Trends in Singapore Right Now

This one’s for the wanderlust fashionistas, who love sampling looks from international waters. Here are some trends to rock from Southeast Asia’s fashion capital Singapore, to live out all your tropical paradise dreams.

Sustainably Sexy

The glory days of fast-fashion is over. Here in Singapore sustainable clothing boasts its triumph over mass-produced outfits, and you’re bound to catch a number of stripped-down looks that have been carefully curated from environmentally-conscious boutique brands like Esse and Bare.

Summery Dresses 

Given that it’s essentially summer all year ‘round in this island nation, it comes as no surprise that summer dresses are such a big hit. Bright colors and light fabrics come together and become effortlessly chic. Dress them up with wedges and statement jewelry for date night, or dress them down with sandals and a floppy hat for beach days with the girl gang.

Dots for Days 

From florals to flannel, Singaporeans love patterns. But unlike in some other parts of the world where dots are dismissed as tacky, the fashion-forward populace here embraces the timid dot on dresses, skirts, shirts and pants alike. The most popular dotted color combinations spotted on the streets are white dots on dark navy blue, and black dots on creamy white. 

Pumped Up Kicks 

If you identify as a sneakerhead, you’ll fit right in. Feminine silhouettes are usually balanced out with a nice chunky sneaker such as those from Fila, while Vans and Converse continue to dominate wardrobes around the island. Take your pick from neutral tones, pristine whites, vibrant colours and loud designs. There’s definitely a sneaker for every outfit. And this way you can squeeze in a nice sunset run by the beach on your way back from work without even having to change. What a win!

Cute and Cropped 

Cropped tees, jackets, cardigans and sweatshirts are all the rage. And the best part about crop tops? From flirty miniskirts to comfy leggings, they go with virtually anything. To embrace your inner Singaporean, find a cute floral crop top to wear on socially-distanced picnics to feel well-dressed even with minimal effort.

Shimmery Sheer 

Sheer jackets, sheer sleeves, sheer panels… sheerly you’re getting my point? Sheer clothing continues to be a fan-favorite in Singapore because it provides a welcome relief from the heat, while also adding visual texture to an outfit.

Slouchy Mom Jeans

Struggling to choose between style and comfort? Singaporeans prove you don’t have to. Simply grab yourself a pair of mom jeans and pair ’em up with your favourite graphic tee cinched at the waist with a classic leather belt, and finish up with ankle boots. From the looks of it, mom jeans are back in play and here to stay. Taylor Swift is a queen in her own right, but even she couldn’t come back stronger than this 90s trend!

Pleasant Pastels

Whether it be to keep cool or stay fashionable, pastel is the color palette of choice in Singapore. Think baby pinks, soft blues and warm earth tones. You can opt for a monochrome pastel look or switch things up by pairing a sweet pastel with a bolder print for some oomph.

What are your thoughts on this Singaporean fashion trends? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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