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When you put on your favorite outfit, an Instagram photoshoot is a must. Not only do you want your outfit to look good, but you want the photo to look perfect and show off your best features. 

Follow this guide to make sure you make the best out of your self directed and self executed photoshoot!

Perfect Fit

While styling your outfit for your Instagram photoshoot, make sure to use some staple and statement pieces together. By using some staple pieces you can interchange your statement pieces and make multiple outfits.

 Bringing additional outfits allows you to maximize the amount of content you can produce during one shoot!

Strike a Pose 

Before heading out on your personal shoot practice poses in the mirror. Try out multiple different poses and angles so you can find the best one for you. Standing, squatting, sitting and putting your arms in different places can make a big difference. 

If able, taking a lightweight full length mirror with you and placing it next to your tripod will help in seeing what you look like while you shoot!

Play with Visuals

A major trend right now is trying out different lenses when taking pictures, adding a unique touch. Try out a fish-eye lens to add a cool vintage effect to your photos and have fun with it!

 Using the wide-lens angle on your phone is another popular lens to try. Trying out some different lens and filters can make all the difference in spicing up your photos. 


A great way to take the perfect photo without additional help is with clickers. Clickers are a little hand-held device that wirelessly connect to your phone and takes a picture when you press a button. Amazon has plenty of clicker options for under $10! 


While choosing the spot you’re going to strike a pose, make sure the lighting is in your favor. Having natural lighting is the best option and try to make sure the sun is in front of you, not behind. 

Too much light can wash you out, but not enough makes your photo too dark. For the ultimate Instagram shot, try to snap a pic of yourself in front of a sunrise or sunset!

Be Confident in Your Shoot

Being your own Instagram photographer can seem scary. Whether it be nerves of getting the perfect shot or even being seen taking pics alone, the best remedy is to own your shoot with confidence! 

Remember to have fun and make the most out of your photoshoot! Play around with new poses, lenses and outfits and find what works best for you. After a fun day of posing and taking photos, share your new self made content on the gram!

Which tip will you be trying out in your next photoshoot? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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