A No BullSh-t Approach to Creating New Year’s Resolutions | Feel Good Fridays W/ Liv Teixeira

Welcome back to another episode of “Feel Good Friday’s W/ Liv Teixeira! In this week’s episode our host, Liv, discusses how to craft a New Year’s resolution we actually want to achieve. 

Liv explains she takes a “No bullshit approach” towards crafting resolutions and explains the five areas where making a resolution is necessary.

Physical Body and Mental Health

Liv starts off with the body in both physical and mental standpoint. She explains that it does not matter what the resolution is, whether it be losing weight, training for a race or even picking up a new sport, but that the goal is to better your life from a physical and mental standpoint. Liv stresses that these two elements coincide and contribute to overall happiness.


Liv continues on by challenging us to reflect on our current relationships and asking ourselves what we want to change or how we want to improve them! By reflecting on this the goal of what kind of relationships you want for 2021 can be determined.


Setting a financial goal for 2021 can be extremely beneficial. Liv explains that a resolution on finances is not the same as one for career but determining if you want to set a goal for budgeting, saving, investing in property, another business or even your own business!


Work and career could be starting a business, building your business or even hitting a milestone in your career explains Liv. She asks us to reflect on what we want to do and become in order to challenge ourselves to be the best we can in this department during 2021.

Bucket List

Our host shares that bucket list resolutions are her favorite! She explains that bucket list resolutions are so important as we just saw how quickly a year can go by. She explains that as we grow old we will remember the big things in life such as relationships, traveling, and memorable moments. “As much time as we have, we don’t,” says Liv. In order to achieve bucket list resolutions Liv shares it is important to identify them, write them down and work towards reaching them!

The Most Important Part

Liv concludes this segment by sharing that as we create New Year’s resolutions the most important part is the time we take to reflect on our current lives and what we want out of each element of our life. She shares that taking the time to full reflect is the most important part during December. In next week’s segment Liv will be teaching us how to actually make these resolutions come true!

What are some goals that you have set for yourself for the new year? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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