A VMA’s Recap Just For You!

So The Video Music Awards were last night and it was pretty interesting to say the least. Due to COVID, it was safe to assume that things would be handled differently. With the circumstances in mind, I’d say it was a pretty successful VMA’s. 

The show was hosted by actress/singer, Keke Palmer. Their were performances by The Weeknd, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Doja Cat, BTS, DaBaby & Maluma! Let’s check some out and see who took home the glory. 

On a heartwarming note, our host, Keke Palmer, brought attention to the Black Lives Matter movement. She is proud of the work that is being done today to end systematic racism. We must continue to keeping fighting for “liberty and justice for all.” 

The Weeknd performing his hit song “Blinding Light”

We’ve got to give The Weeknd points for pulling off an amazing performance while keeping it safe. He took to the skies to perform his hit song and it was definitely one of the highlights of the night. His vocals were amazing and the fireworks really added something special to the performance. 

Dababy performing “PEEPHOLE”, “Blind” and “Rockstar”

DaBaby seemed to be accompanied by the Jabbawockeez and it’s always a good performance when they make an appearance. During “Blind” Dababy spent the performance in the back seat of a cop car. Perhaps it was also to bring attention to the systematic racism found within the police force. 

Miley Cyrus Performing “Midnight Sky”

All the performances had a string music video feel but this one was honestly one of my favorites. It’s a top tier song of independence and it took Miley back to her “Wrecking Ball” days. Towards the end Miley got on a disco ball and swung from it just like in her “Wrecking Ball” video. 

Maluma Performing “Hawái”

Maluma performed his most popular song “Hawái” and sang it so beautifully. It was a simplistic performance but it fit perfectly with the song. The small crowd watching from their cars made it feel like a drive-in concert! 

BTS Performs “Dynamite”

I honestly have never found much interest in k-pop. Now I know that is 100% due to the fact that I simply never gave it a chance. I loved BTS’ performance and song. They sounded amazing and were so in sync. I would love to see them perform again! 

Lady Gaga Performing “Chromatica II”, “Rain On Me” & “Stupid Love”

Lady Gaga gave one of the most memorable performances of the night but let’s be honest, that was expected. Well, she came through once again. She sounded great, there were costumes changes, props, choreography! There was also a special appearance by Ariana Grande in performing “Rain On Me”. This was all done with masks so they all looked extra badass! Gaga added just before “Stupid Love” to “celebrate yourself, love who you are…be brave and braver all the time.”

Julia Michaels & JP Saxe Performing “If The World Was Ending”


Not gonna lie, this one broke my heart a bit. It reminded me of a rom-com during the part of the movie where the lovers are fighting and you don’t know if they’ll make it. It was sang beautifully and I loved it. 

Doja Cat Performing “Say So” & “Like That”

I really enjoyed her performance. She looked like the prettiest alien of all time and I loved her vocals. I’m already a fan of her so maybe I’m bias. I also really loved her outfit that kind of looked like she straight up had a vagina right where the vagina should be. 

Keke Palmer Performing “Snack”

Our host herself even performed her song “Snack”. Her and her dancers were all dressed in neon gear which added something special to the performance. In short, she killed it. 

CNCO Performing “Beso”

CNCO also did really well! They had rally cool choreography and they too had a drive-in concert vibe. I will say this though. I kind of wished that the cars would’ve honked at the end! 

The Black Eyed Peas Performing “VIDA LOCA” & “I Gotta Feeling”

Look, I like seeing The Black Eyed Peas perform just as much as the next guy but where the fuck was Fergie?! We were all thinking it. It was nice to hear them again but I must admit my truth and that is, I missed Fergie.

So who won what last night? Here’s the full list! 

Video of the Year: The Weeknd – “Blinding Lights”

Artist of the Year: Lady Gaga

Song of the Year: Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande – “Rain On Me”

Best Collaboration: Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande – “Rain On Me”

Push Best New Artist: Doja Cat

Best Pop: BTS – “On”

Best Hip Hop: Megan Thee Stallion – “Savage”

Best Rock: Coldplay – “Orphans”

Best Alternative: Machine Gun Kelly – “Bloody Valentine”

Best Latin: Maluma ft. Balvin – Qué Pena”

Best R&B: The Weeknd – “Blinding Lights”

Best K-Pop: BTS – “On”

Video For Good: H.E.R. – “I Can’t Breathe”

Best Music Video From Home: Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber – “Stuck with U” 

Best Group: BTS

Best Quarantine Performance: CNCO – MTV Unplugged At Home

Best Direction: Taylor Swift -“The Man” – Directed by Taylor Swift

Best Cinematography: Lady Gaga with Ariana Grande – “Rain On Me” – Cinematography by Thomas Kloss

Best Art Direction: Miley Cyrus – “Mother’s Daughter” – Art Direction by Christian Stone

Best Visual Effects: Dua Lupa – “Physical” – Warner Records – Columbia Records – Visual Effects by EIGHTY4 

Best Choreography: BTS – “On” – Choreography by Son Sung Deuk,, Lee Ga Hun, Lee Byung Eun

Best Editing: Miley Cyrus – “Mother’s Daughter” – Edited by Alexandre Moors, Nuno Xico

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