The ACE Family’s Big Announcement

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By: Becky Root

YouTube‘s Ace Family, one of the largest family channels with 18M subscribers, announced that they are welcoming their third child. The couple, Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz, confirms that they are expecting their first son. New baby will be yet another personality in their effervescent family. Big sister Elle McBroom, 3, and soon to be middle sister Alaia McBroom, 1, will have to get used to sharing camera time with their new little brother. Catherine’s recent video announces the baby is due in June and that this will be their last baby, saying, “I truly feel like three is the number for me,” so she is excited that number three is a boy.

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 Catherine’s Instagram baby announcement included a photo of her belly, and she admits that she wanted “to keep you to myself for as long as I could, and now after all these months of privately enjoying some time with our family, I am filled with so much joy to share you with the world. You were the missing puzzle piece, I can’t wait to meet you son.” In the last months of 2019, the Ace Family was ridiculed by fans on social media for not posting. Austin lashed out at fans for their reaction to the family’s decision to take a break from filming. “Do us a favor and unsubscribe and stop watching our every move,” he tweeted, without announcing exactly why they were leaning back. “I hardly ever rant but just know if you know us, whenever The Ace Family takes a break, it’s for a reason.” He went on to say that complaining fans are ungrateful and should be charged for videos, but he soon took that tweet down.

Since Catherine got the original baby announcement post, Austin shared the baby’s first ultrasound, which already has over 7M views. With 18M subscribers, the Ace Family usually posts almost daily videos and they have been viewed a whopping 3.3 billion times. They are so big that their daughters’ dreamy bedroom and playroom were decorated by fellow Youtube family design team and self-proclaimed “creative weirdos,” Mr. Kate, with 3.75M subscribers. The Mr. Kate couple usually decorates only for other Youtubers, while toting around their own infant son, Moon. No word yet on where the new baby’s room will be or if Mr. Kate will swoop in and decorate the boy’s room.

 In addition to announcing their pregnancy, Catherine recently revealed that the couple secretly wed years ago in their backyard, tweeting, “We look forward to having our ceremony in the future where our parents, friends, and family will attend.”


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