Addison Rae Shuts Down Jack Harlow Dating Rumors

Addison Rae is setting the record straight about her dating life.

This week, there was some speculation that the TikTok star was hanging out with rapper Jack Harlow in Atlanta, Georgia. Rae confirmed that she is not currently dating anyone by simply tweeting, “I’m single.”


The Rumors

Addison Rae was reportedly spotted with rapper, Jack Harlow, at the Triller Fight Club boxing match in Atlanta over the weekend.

Then TikTok Room posted ‘evidence’ that Rae was  rapper at the boxing match. They claimed that Rae’s hand could be seen touching Harlow in a series of photos shared from the event.

Both Addison Rae and her ex, Bryce Hall, were in attendance at the Triller Fight Club boxing match. A video surfaced that appeared to be Addison and Bryce embracing. However, Bryce commented, “wtf that’s not us,” but fans assumed he was joking. 

When the photos of Addison Rae ‘with’ Jack Harlow went viral, Hall went on a Twitter rant. Tweeting things like “F*cking me, telling me u love me then sneaking around w/ someone else… that f*cking hurts” it appeared as though Hall believed the rumors. 

Bryce Hall Reacts

After rumors about Rae and Harlow lit up social media, the “Obsessed” singer’s ex-boyfriend Bryce Hall seemingly spoke out about Rae’s possible new relationship on Twitter, writing, “im about to explode man.”

Shortly after rumors started swirling about the pair, the 20-year-old TikTok star’s ex, Bryce Hall, took to Twitter posting a series of cryptic tweets.

“I’m about to explode man,” he tweeted.


Last month, PEOPLE confirmed that Rae and Hall ended their relationship. The pair had confirmed their romance back in November in a YouTube video titled “The Truth About Us.”

Addison’s Response


In an interview, Addison Rae said, “Right now is my time to focus on me, and I’ve kind of really just taken control of that and realize that, you know, you can only get presented opportunities for so long and then they kind of go away.” According to Entertainment Tonight she continued, “And when you’re in a relationship, especially like a romantic one, I’m very guilty of, you know, putting a lot into that and loving that.”

Bryce Hall and Addison Rae have now unfollowed each other on Instagram.

While some were hoping for a Braddison reunion, this may be a sign it probably won’t be happening any time soon.

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