Affordable Gift Ideas for This Holiday Season

It’s time to “deck the halls,” because the second Thanksgiving ended, it officially became winter season! Winter season, AKA Christmas season, Hanukkah season, Kwanzaa season and better yet just call it burning a hole in your wallet season!

The holidays can be stressful for all because besides spending money, you have to figure out the perfect gift to get your loved ones. Well don’t fret because you came to the right place! Below is your guide to getting great gifts for the ladies in your life this holiday season!


Jewelry is a special way to show someone you care! With literally any style you can think of, you can get your friend and/or family member a piece of jewelry that symbolizes what they like and shows how meaningful you can be. Imagine it now, you get your best friend who loves flowers a necklace with a rose pendant, your mom a meaningful charm bracelet and you can even get your sister a pair of butterfly earrings she’s been wanting. Make sure to clink the links above to check out those websites for  jewelry options you may like!


You may be thinking “why candles, they’re basic.” Well, you can’t go wrong with candles because they make such a great universal gift. They’re beloved by many and you can even spruce it up by picking out a special sent you know your friends will love. Bath & Body Works is a great and easy place to look. They even do gift sets, putting the candle together with a matching lotion and body wash.

Sephora Gift Sets

Sephora is your friend during the holidays. They’ve got loads of gift sets that take your everyday cosmetic items, and pair them with glamourous products you never knew you needed. The best part is these makeup gift sets are affordable! The best way to view their boxed-up bundle deals is to check out what they have in stores or online!


Now I’m sure many of you have heard of Etsy and if you haven’t, girl get on that! Etsy is the website you need to get custom unique items you can’t get anywhere else. They have everything from clothing, décor, toys, accessories, etc. This is the perfect place to get your bestie an item representing their favorite tv show or perhaps a water bottle with their Sorority letters engraved on it. 


With people around the world having to stay at home to quarantine and keep safe, it’s never been more of a perfect time to buy PJ’s as a gift! People love to be comfy and especially when they’re stuck at home with no one to impress! With loads of PJ styles, you will even have a wide selection to choose from. Check out P.J. Salvage for a cozy yet chic option.


Can’t think of anything to get? Did you let the time slip by and suddenly there’s no way you can order a gift in time, even with express shipping? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. I’m going to let you in on my savior for gifts… TARGET! Target is expanding their product line by the minute. If your desperate for a last minute gift but still want it to be something your friend loves, pop over to target. They have loads of sections from beauty, apparel and accessories! My trick is to go to target, buy a basket and fill it with fun items. Candles, Candy, and Clothes, they’ve got you taken care of for some sweet and stylish gifts!

What gift is your go to this holiday season? Drop a comment below and let us know! 

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